8 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency In 2023

Are you curious about how you can earn money with crypto? A lot of people are in the same boat, especially if they’re new to the crypto world.

Cryptocurrencies have taken over in a big way, and there are even people who dedicate their lives to understanding them better. But despite all the attention they’ve been getting, there’s still a lot of room for growth and more questions to be answered.

Well, that’s why I’m here! In this article, I’ll give you all the info you need and share eight different ways you can make money with cryptocurrency in 2023. Let’s dive in!

8 Ways To Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency In 2023

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8 Ways To Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency In 2023

In addition to buying crypto and storing the tokens in digital wallets until they increase in value, there are various ways to earn money in the crypto space. 

Are you ready to explore some exciting ways to earn money with crypto in 2023? This guide will show you eight tried-and-true techniques that you can use to make a profit in the crypto world. From crypto presales to staking, day trading, and even play-to-earn video games, we’ve got it all covered. So buckle up, and let’s start discovering some new opportunities!

 1. Make Early Investments In Presales and New Cryptocurrencies For The Best Returns:

Some of the most successful investors in the world always factor in the “first-mover advantage” when making their investment decisions. This means that by investing early in a new and innovative crypto product or service, you can often get the best deal.

For example, those who invested in Ethereum during its presale debut in 2014, when it was priced at just $0.31 per coin, are now looking at gains of over 1.6 million per cent. That’s right; they’re sitting on gains of over 6000%! And if they had invested in Binance Coin (BNB) when it first went on sale in late 2017 at $0.11, they could be looking at even higher gains.

Unfortunately, the first-mover advantage is no longer possible with established projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, or Cardano. But don’t worry; there are still plenty of opportunities out there. There are still a wide variety of discounted digital currencies available for you to invest in and potentially reap huge rewards.

In fact, by conducting research, it is possible to identify a number of low-cap crypto gems that are offering their token through a presale marketing campaign at a discount.

2. Crypto Staking and Interest by Earning Passive Income from Idle Coins:

There are many opportunities to consider for those wondering how they might earn passive income using cryptocurrency. Joining a superb crypto-staking platform is one of the great tips to remember in this regard. An investor earns interest on digital assets that would otherwise remain inactive in a personal wallet using staking technology.

Tokens may be kept in a blockchain protocol in order to maintain the security of the network and also its functionality. The interest generated by the depositable tokens will eventually be sent directly to the investor at the end of the predetermined term.

As an alternative, some staking platforms offer flexible terms, allowing investors to reclaim their tokens whenever they want. This frequently depends on the cryptocurrency being staked and the length of the contract in terms of yields. The best profits are typically obtained by staking a smaller-cap token over a long lock-up period.

In contrast, betting on a large-cap coin like Ethereum over a flexible term will almost always result in a higher conservative hobby price. In either case, choosing the right platform is the first step in carrying out crypto staking. OKX is one of the excellent solutions available in this market. This significant cryptocurrency upgrade facilitates staking across a wide range of tokens and conditions.

To give you some context, you may stake large-cap tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin for a period of ninety days at 12% and 5% annual percentage yields, respectively. Smaller-cap tokens like Zebec Protocol, which offers an APY of 60% over fifteen days, offer far better yields. The best staking bargains on OKX frequently sell out quickly, so those looking for passive income must move quickly.

Battle Infinity is another option worth keeping in mind while placing bets. This metaverse project, which is still in its early stages, will give users a continuous way to bet their local IBAT token for high-yield profits.

3. Play-to-Earn Games – Generate Free Cryptocurrency by Playing NFT Games   

One well-known option for individuals on a budget when considering ways to make money with cryptocurrency is to keep in mind a play-to-earn game. The bitcoin industry is growing quickly because of this concept’s many advantages over traditional game developers. For instance, the blockchain community is frequently used to build play-to-earn video games.

For the sake of equity and transparency, this method sponsors gaming results using smart contracts. Additionally, when players acquire in-game items like weapons or armour, this can be represented by a wholly original NFT that is stored on the blockchain. As a result, the player will legitimately be the owner of the in-game asset, making it possible for it to be exchanged on open markets.

Play-to-earn games also—and perhaps most importantly—allow players to receive prizes. The play-to-earn game’s local token, which powers this payment, is common. As an illustration, Tamadoge is developing a play-to-earn game that allows players to mint a virtual puppy NFT. From the list below, each pet is unique and will have its own inclinations and characteristics.

4. Crypto Day Trading – a Great Way to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023 by Actively Buying and Selling Crypto

Day trading in cryptocurrencies demands the trader to actively buy and sell digital assets in order to profit from market volatility. The trader will probably enter and exit a number of positions during the day and avoid keeping an exchange open past the usual trading hours. The idea behind bitcoin day trading is to make tiny returns frequently enough to generate an income. Learn more about crypto day trading here.

 5. Long-Term Investing & Holding – Buy and Hold Crypto for Long-Term Gains   

This allows the investor to experience brief-term volatility and wild pricing swings. After all, traders sincerely need to buy their selected cryptocurrency and leave the tokens in a personal wallet. Crucially, whilst taking an extended-time period purchase and keeping strategy, traders can avoid continuously testing market charges.

 6. Mining Cryptocurrency for Profit

To safeguard and verify transactions on the blockchain, mining bitcoin entails employing specialised computer gear to solve challenging mathematical equations. Miners receive modest sums of cryptocurrency as payment for their labour. This procedure, also referred to as “proof of work,” is a crucial part of several cryptocurrencies.

You’ll need the appropriate hardware and software to start mining. A strong graphics processing unit (GPU) or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), as well as specialised mining software, may be used in this. A mining pool allows you to pool your mining efforts with those of other miners, increasing your odds of finding a block and receiving a reward. Joining one is crucial.

The profitability of mining may vary significantly depending on the cryptocurrency you’re mining and the price of electricity in your area. Since mining some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, requires more work than mining other cryptocurrencies, they may be less rewarding. It’s important to do your research and consider the costs and potential returns before deciding to start mining.

7. Cryptocurrency Acceptance As Payment For Goods And Services

Another option to earn money in 2023 with cryptocurrencies is to accept them as payment for goods or services. Businesses trying to distinguish apart from the competition and draw in new customers may find this to be a wise move.

The use of cryptocurrencies as payment has many advantages. One benefit is that it can aid in lowering transaction fees, which are frequently associated with traditional payment systems. Payments made using cryptocurrencies can be faster and more secure than those made using credit cards since they are not as vulnerable to chargebacks and fraud.

You must select a digital wallet that supports the cryptocurrency you want to accept in order to set up your business to take cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, you’ll need a mechanism to exchange the cryptocurrency for local cash, as it’s generally not a good idea to keep a lot of digital money on hand for very long. For this, Breet App is the ideal solution.

8. Making Money Through Cryptocurrency Lending In 2023

The purpose of cryptocurrency lending is to make passive income by borrowing and lending digital currencies. For those who want to profit from cryptocurrencies without actively trading or engaging in the market, it may be a suitable choice.

Finding a platform or marketplace where you may lend your digital currencies to borrowers is necessary before you can start lending cryptocurrencies. It’s crucial to thoroughly investigate and assess potential lending possibilities to make sure you’re happy with the risk and loan terms. Take into account the borrower’s creditworthiness, the term of the loan, and the interest rate given.

Lending crypto can be a successful business, but it’s crucial to understand the hazards. You could lose money or make it if the value of the cryptocurrency you’re lending fluctuates considerably. To reduce the danger of default, it’s crucial to carefully analyse the loan’s terms and the borrower’s reputation.

Diversifying your portfolio and lending to a range of borrowers will help you maximise your cryptocurrency lending profits. To make sure that you are maximising your returns, it is also crucial to constantly analyse your loans and modify your approach as necessary.

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8 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency In 2023


In conclusion, there are several ways to make money with cryptocurrency in 2023. Some strategies work well for passive income, while others emphasise long-term appreciation.

Investing in amazing crypto projects that are still in the early stages is one of the best strategies for traders to keep in mind. You have to do your research and see what works best for you.

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