Sell Bitcoin Cash in  Nigeria
&  Ghana

There may be times when BITCOIN CASH HODL isn’t as attractive as other options and you might need instant cash for it, welcome!

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Instant Bitcoin Cash Exchange

Exchange your bitcoin cash for naira without making the slightest effort. Whenever you send bitcoin cash to your Breet Wallet Address, the framework immediately recognizes the inflow on the blockchain network, then, at that point, likewise, instantly changes the inflow over to naira or cedis (depending upon your default fiat option) using the best bitcoin cash rates accessible.

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Receive Bitcoin Payments

Receive Payments In Bitcoin Cash

You, at no point in the future need to worry about how to get your payment from across the world. Breet is sticking around for you. As long as you have a Bitcoin cash wallet on Breet, you can send your wallet address or QR Code to your payer from wherever all around the planet. It's quick, instant, and outstandingly safe.

No HODL, Get Instant Cash

You don’t have to bother about the dip, or the pump, as we do not offer a Bitcoin cash wallet service. There are a lot of good Bitcoin cash wallet applications out there. We are well focused on providing services for average users who are interested in instantly exchanging Bitcoin cash in Nigeria and Ghana.

Zero HODL , Zero Fee
Integrate Easily

Integrate BCH Payment Gateway

Breet is accessible to people who need to sell Bitcoin cash for money and drink some juice with it, to organizations who need to join the crypto game and get fiat and furthermore, to designers who are searching for Bitcoin cash payment API, all at the best rate to sell Bitcoin cash in Nigeria and Ghana.