Sell Ethereum in Nigeria
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Welcome to the best app to exchange Ethereum for cash in Naira or Cedis. It’s automated and easy with the best ethereum rates.

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Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet
Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet

Over-The-Counter Ethereum Exchange

Quickly convert your ethereum to naira or cedis without making the slightest effort. With Breet, all you have to do is send ethereum to your Breet ethereum wallet address and then we will automatically convert the inflow to naira or cedis (depending on the default fiat currency of your choice) using the best ethereum prices possible.

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Receive Bitcoin Payments

Convert ETH To Nigerian Naira (NGN)

You never again need to worry about how to receive your payments from across the world. Breet is here for you. When you have an Ethereum wallet on Breet, you can send your wallet address or QR Code to your payer from anywhere in the world. It's fast, automated, and exceptionally safe.

No HODL, Get Instant Cash

We are not against the HODL culture. But we do not offer Ethereum custody, that is, you cannot store ethereum on Breet as every inflow is converted to fiat automatically. In other words, We are laser-focused on making provision for users who are only interested in exchanging Ethereum in Nigeria and Ghana.

Zero HODL , Zero Fee
Integrate Easily

Integrate Ethereum Payment Gateway

Breet is right here for individuals who need to sell Ethereum for instant cash, for businsesses who need to receive payment with ethereum and get fiat equivalent instantly. Breet is also available for developers who are searching for ethereum payment gateway API, all at the best rate to sell ethereum in Nigeria and Ghana.

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How Our Ethereum-to-Cash Works

Learn how to convert Ethereum to Naira & Cedis in less than a minute