Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria
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Breet remains the best app to sell bitcoin for Naira or Cedis. Automated, easy to use and offers the best bitcoins rates.

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Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet
Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet

Automated Bitcoin Trading App in Nigeria

Convert your bitcoin to naira, or exchange bitcoin for cedis without lifting a finger. Once you create a bitcoin address, anytime you send bitcoins to your address, Breet will automatically detect the inflow on the blockchain network, then also, automatically convert the inflow to naira or cedis (depending on your default option) using the best bitcoin prices in Nigeria or Ghana.

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Receive Bitcoin Payments From Anywhere

Worried about how to get your payment from someone who doesn’t live in the same region? Well, Breet’s got you! Once you have a bitcoin wallet on Breet, feel free to send your wallet address or QR Code to anyone around the world to receive payments in BTC and be paid in your home currency. It’s automated, fast, and extremely safe.

No HODL? Convert Bitcoin To Naira Instantly

We are not against the HODL culture, but Breet does not offer bitcoin custody. There are quite a number of good bitcoin wallet apps in Nigeria, and everywhere out there. We focus on providing services to users who just want to exchange bitcoins for cash instantly, without delay. Breet remains the best site to sell bitcoin in nigeria.

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Integrate Bitcoin Payment Gateway Easily

Breet is available to individuals who want to sell bitcoins for cash, businesses who want to join the bitcoin culture and get cash equivalent, and developers who are looking for payment gateway integration with Bitcoin, all at the best rates to trade bitcoin in Nigeria & Ghana.

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How Our Bitcoin-to-Cash Works

Learn how to convert Bitcoin to Naira & Cedis in less than a minute