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Top 10 Crypto PLAY-TO-EARN Games In 2023

Are you looking for a way to monetize your gaming addiction? Look nowhere else!

Video game players now have the opportunity to earn money while doing what they love most: playing video games, thanks to the booming market for crypto play-to-earn games. It’s like getting paid to eat pizza and watch Netflix—the ideal blend of relaxation and money-making.

However, it might be difficult to decide which games are worthwhile given the abundance of options. In response, we are here. Within this article, I will be presenting a list compiling the top 10 Crypto Play-to-Earn games that you should definitely consider keeping on your radar in 2023. Let’s go!


Top 10 Cryptocurrency Games With Play-To-Earn In 2023

Here are my top 10 recommended crypto play-to-earn games you should consider playing this year:


1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a revolutionary digital game that allows players to collect, breed, and battle creatures known as Axies. This innovative platform has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique concept of blockchain-based gameplay mechanics. With over one million daily active users worldwide, it’s no surprise that Axie Infinity has become a hot topic in the cryptocurrency community due to its potential for generating massive profits through play-to-earn rewards systems. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just interested in exploring new frontiers within the crypto sphere, there’s never been a better time to jump on board with this exciting trendsetting game-changer

Axie Infinity is a game that functions on blockchain technology. This innovative gaming option allows individuals to acquire, mate, and compete with mystical beasts known as Axies. Through engaging in battles or trading these creatures, players have the opportunity to obtain digital currencies such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP) alongside AXS- which pertains specifically to this platform alone. Ever since its release three years ago, it has seen quite an upswing of participation among those who enjoy “play-to-win” style games within the industry, rendering it one of their top picks for entertainment purposes still today.”


2. Alien Worlds

An alien world game is a type of video game that allows players to explore and interact with a fictional world inhabited by extraterrestrial creatures and landscapes. These games typically feature science-fiction themes, such as space travel, advanced technology, and intergalactic conflict. In addition to exploration, alien world games often feature combat and other challenges that players must overcome to progress. This can include battling hostile alien creatures, solving puzzles, and navigating hazardous environments.

Planetary travel and resource extraction are both available in-game activities that contribute to players earning Trilium (TLM), its native cryptocurrency asset. Governing decisions or mission completions also provide ways for gamers to earn TLM as they traverse increasingly popular virtual worlds within this gaming experience, one that has seen noticeable value surges throughout 2021 due to its increasing popularity among users worldwide. So, if you are someone that is into science, you will definitely love this one.


3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a place of innovation and creativity, where individuals come together to explore the limits of their imagination. It’s a space for experimentation that allows people to push boundaries in new ways without fear or judgement. It’s an environment designed specifically for those who want to challenge convention and break free from tradition – a playground where anything is possible if you’re willing to try. Whether it be through technology, artistry, or scientific inquiry, The Sandbox empowers all kinds of thinkers with limitless potential and endless opportunity.” Personally, I love this one!

The virtual realm of The Sandbox offers players the opportunity to craft, construct and monetize their gaming ventures. By designing and merchandising in-game assets or experiences, individuals are able to obtain SAND – a digital currency unique to this game. Due to its ability for gamers on blockchain technology as well as an ever-expanding user base that it has collected, The Sandbox continues gaining popularity within the industry’s circle.


4. Splinterlands

The fantastical realm known as Splinterlands has captured the imaginations of many. The land is home to a variety of mystical creatures, each with its own unique powers and abilities. Everywhere you look in this otherworldly landscape, there are challenges waiting to be faced and adventures ready for those brave enough to take them on. From towering mountains made entirely out of crystal to sprawling forests filled with ancient trees that seem almost alive themselves – everything about this place screams magic! So if you’re looking for an escape from reality or simply want to experience something truly extraordinary, then head off into the mysterious world of Splinter

Splinterlands is an online game where you can collect cards and challenge your skills against other players. It rewards its participants with cryptocurrencies, specifically DEC, which can be obtained through various means, such as battling or trading virtual items within the platform. Its immense popularity has allowed it to become one of the most frequented blockchain games available today, boasting a consistent 100 thousand users engaging in daily gameplay activities.


5. My Defi Pet

My digital friend in the world of decentralised finance goes by the moniker “My DeFi Pet.” This creature is a unique creation birthed from complex algorithms and cutting-edge technology, residing solely within my computer screen. My DeFi Pet’s virtual presence provides me with constant companionship and an endless stream of possibilities to explore within this innovative financial realm. The intricate patterns in its ever-changing form mesmerise me as I carefully attend to its needs, nurturing it into becoming stronger against any potential threats that may arise online. Overall, having My DeFi Pet has become something truly special for me; one which I treasure above most possessions

DeFi Pet is a game of play-to-earn in which individuals can gather and reproduce virtual animals. By participating in fights, accomplishing missions, or vending pets, players may make crypto coins. DPET – the cryptocurrency that this particular video game uses has seen a notable increase, therefore, its popularity among gamers looking to earn through playing games surges as well.


Top 10 Crypto PLAY-TO-EARN Games In 2023

6. Illuvium

“Illuvium” refers to a specific entity of which we speak. This said entity is, by definition and name, unique in its identity; no other thing exists nor can exist under the same label or connotation as “Illuvium.” Furthermore, it would appear that this particular concept may hold significant value or relevance within whatever context such an invocation takes place- though quite what those associations could remain unclear without additional information regarding where precisely one might encounter Illuvium being referenced.

Illuvium is an innovative game that enables users to collect, fight and barter digital creatures known as Illuvials. ILV tokens are earned within the platform through various activities, such as engaging in battles, accomplishing tasks, or exchanging virtual goods. The popularity of this exceptional game has been escalating recently, which resulted in a significant increase in the value of its native cryptocurrency – an outcome hailed by many fans across multiple communities involved with it.


7. Guild of Guardians

Lol, the name of this game reminds me of “Guardian of the Galaxy”. The association known as Guild of Guardians, devoted to protecting the fantasy game space from malicious actors and cheaters, has just completed a fundraising round. The funds raised will be used to expand their operations internationally while also developing new gaming products for players that prioritise skill-based gameplay over pay-to-win features. This marks another step forward in the organisation’s mission to make online games fairer and more enjoyable for everyone involved by supporting honest competition within an immersive virtual world where anything is possible.

Guild of Guardians is a forthcoming game rooted in blockchain technology that provides players with the opportunity to gather and fight alongside heroes within an imaginative realm. Participants may acquire digital currencies by engaging in clashes, accomplishing missions, or trading virtual possessions. It’s expected that GOG –the game’s indigenous cryptocurrency- will be highly favoured among those who prefer earning points during gameplay when it gets released two years from now.”


8. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an astronomical map and an intricate collection of stars and celestial objects set out in a detailed fashion. An essential tool for astronomers seeking to identify specific constellations or navigate their course through deep space with ease, it provides accurate information on star locations within our galaxy. The chart’s complexity stems from its vastness which requires precise measurements that have been calculated over time using state-of-the-art technology. Overall, this impressive piece of work stands as a testament to human curiosity about the universe we inhabit and serves us well in understanding more about what lies beyond planet Earth’s boundaries.

Star Atlas is built on blockchain technology and will offer players the chance to explore and dominate an artificial universe. Gamers can earn cryptocurrencies by undertaking various challenges, such as extracting resources from planets and fighting battles against other gamers or completing quests issued throughout the galaxy. The native digital currency of Star Atlas is ATLAS which should be a trendy pick among enthusiasts who seek profitable paybacks when it launches in 2023 with incredible features envisioned for release day!


9. Ember Sword

A weapon of fiery glory, the Ember Sword blazes forth in combat. It forges its blade from the hottest flames and tempers it with bolts of lightning that crackle within it like an untamed storm. The sword’s handle glows a fierce orange-red hue, radiating heat as if to remind all who lay their eyes on it just how powerful this weapon truly is. With each swing, hot embers fly off its edge, creating tiny sparks that flicker before dissolving into nothingness. This sword demands respect and inspires thoughts of bravery; those who dare wield such a thing must be fearless indeed! This game reminds me of “Mortal Kombat.” If you know this game, you are cool; let’s be friends!

Ember Sword, founded on blockchain technology, will give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and participate in virtual battles, despite being an upcoming game. The developers have made it clear that they are prioritising creating experiences that involve player communities while also making available an open-world gaming environment for users. Which is expected to be highly engaging from the feedback garnered so far. In order to incentivize exploration of this wonderful digital universe, gamers can earn cryptocurrency by completing quests as well as participating in fights or exchanging virtual assets at fair prices within the platform’s market space; when it launches officially come 2023 – play-to-earn enthusiasts will undoubtedly seek after Embers currency with great vigour due its potential value. So keep an eye out for this game. It does sound fascinating.


10. The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons are mythical creatures with remarkable sights to behold. These powerful beasts possess an immense amount of strength and agility, allowing them to soar high in the sky or dive deep into murky waters with ease. Their scales shimmer under any light source, their colours ranging from fiery reds to icy blues depending on which Dragon one encounter. Many legends surround these majestic beings – some say they hold ancient knowledge, while others believe that simply gazing upon one can grant eternal luck. Have you ever seen such magnificent creatures? The very mention of “The Six Dragons” sends shivers down my spine! It’s fascinating how each dragon got unique powers.

Built on blockchain technology, The Six Dragons grants players the freedom to discover and construct within an expansive world. Participants can acquire cryptocurrencies by fulfilling missions, competing with rivals, or vending their virtual property at stake in the game. TSD is a cryptocurrency native to this particular game and it functions not only as currency for purchasing various items inside the gameplay but also serves its purpose when traded on designated digital exchanges. Excitingly enough, there has been a surge of interest among creative gamers seeking opportunities where they could earn rewards while playing, thereby contributing towards growth in community membership existing around The Six Dragons phenomenon!


Conclusion: Top 10 Crypto PLAY-TO-EARN Games In 2023

I hope you have your gaming fingers prepared and your wallets ready to be filled as we get to the end of our list of the top 10 crypto play-to-earn games in 2023!

Before jumping into any game headfirst, do your homework and consider the hazards involved because great fun comes with a big responsibility.

You may earn cryptocurrency while pursuing your gaming fantasies with these intriguing and cutting-edge games. And who knows, perhaps you’ll become the next gaming millionaire and quit your job to live a life of virtual riches and adventure.

Hence, these games offer an exciting and profitable opportunity to make money while having fun, whether you’re an experienced cryptocurrency trader or a casual gamer wishing to dip your toes into the world of cryptocurrencies. Watch for forthcoming games as the play-to-earn gaming industry continues to grow and change.

May you always have luck with cryptocurrencies!

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