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How To Make Money From Crypto Microtasks In 2024

Are you looking to get rewarded with crypto for minimal efforts? I’ve got you! We agree that crypto is innovative and has opened up new frontiers, but ultimately, we all want to make money from it. Money is the motivation for most of us, and crypto microtasks are right up there as one of the easiest ways to earn some cash. 

Crypto microtasks are perfect for beginners, as a full-time job, or a side gig. The demands are pretty low, and, as mentioned earlier, these tasks require little effort. This post is a complete exposition on crypto microtasks —I’ll answer all your questions about crypto microtasks and point you in the right direction to get started. 

Ready to make money from crypto microtasks? Let’s start by understanding what they are. 

What Are Crypto Microtasks?

Some tasks are too little to be specialised in but are also crucial to achieving goals within a company. Such tasks are majorly repetitive, simple, and manageable. They usually don’t require any major skill set and take little time to complete. They are called microtasks.

These microtasks within the crypto world can range anywhere from answering survey questionnaires to testing an app. Participants are paid in cryptocurrency —usually Bitcoin or major altcoins.

How Do You Make Money From Crypto Microtasks?

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You get paid in crypto by spending some time completing simple tasks for companies on dedicated websites or apps. Most tasks are for marketing, simple activities, and getting user-perspective on products. Some tasks include completing surveys, tagging photos, creating banner images, testing a game or app, watching videos, etc. 

To get started, find a suitable website or app that lists these tasks and sign up. 

To make this easier for you, here are the top platforms where you can find crypto micro-tasks and sign up to earn money.  

The Four Top Crypto Micro-Task Platforms

I’ll give you the top crypto micro-task platforms you can choose from, but, of course, you need to do your own research. Some of the factors that I looked out for and you should too include;

  1. Reviews: What are people saying about them? Use this as a parameter to measure the possible outcome using the platform.
  2. Crypto offering: You must be paid in a cryptocurrency with real market value, and not some up-and-coming crypto with no actual demand, thus, momentarily useless. Remember, we want to make the money now, not later. 
  3. No sensitive personal information: This goes without saying; the number one rule for digital safety is to keep sensitive information like your ID, Biometrics, pins and passwords away from the internet. 

So — these are the top factors that should inform your decision when choosing a micro-task platform. Now, let’s get into the money-making part. 

1. Earn.com

Earn.com is potentially the most popular microtask platform out there. It has many features that appeal to users and pays very well. 

Earn.com is an app that can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play Store. With a selection of tasks such as replying to emails, joining a telegram ICO, reading whitepapers, and giving an opinion on a project, you get paid in Bitcoin. 

You don’t have to do all of them —just pick microtasks you’re interested in and sign up on similar categories, and you’ll have tasks sent to your app. Completing these tasks can earn you a reward between $5 and $10, but you can set your own price if you reply to emails. 

Earn.com’s popularity has soared higher in recent years since Coinbase purchased the platform in 2018. 

2. Bituro

Founded in 2015, Bituro rewards its users for completing simple tasks like surveys, watching videos, testing mobile applications, etc. Rewards are recorded in points and can be converted to Bitcoin, Ether, or gift cards.   

To get started, you can download Bituro from the app store or Google Play Store. 

Bituro doesn’t pay as high as Earn.com, but its high rating on the app stores indicates that users are pleased with the reward system. 

3. Coin Tasker

Coin Tasker, formed in 2013, has paid over 18 Bitcoin to its members. It was the first platform to offer Bitcoin for completing tasks. Partnered with over 25 networks, you’ll always have a task waiting for you. Coin Tasker pays its members only in satoshis (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin). 

The tasks available on the platform include;

  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping
  • Downloading apps
  • Free trials
  • Watching ads
  • Playing games
  • Leaving comments on community platforms

4. BitcoinGet

BitcoinGet is a simple-to-use platform. It is easy to register on, requiring only your Bitcoin wallet address. BitcoinGet is quite popular for surveys and pays in Bits — you can earn up to 300 Bits per survey. There’s a slight difference between BitcoinGet and other micro-tasking platforms; your earnings depend on how fast you can work, rank, and complete tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Crypto Microtasks

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How Can I Make Money Daily With Crypto?

There are some ways you can make crypto online, and crypto microtasks are strong options. In fact, not just one time a day, but many times a day, if you’re up to it. Crypto microtasks platforms list simple and easy tasks you can complete for some crypto payments. There are dedicated apps and websites that you can get started with. Some are:

  1. Earn.com
  2. Bituro
  3. Coin Tasker
  4. BitcoinGet

What Is The Best Crypto To Earn?

The best crypto to earn are cryptocurrencies you can quickly exchange for cash. They are called crypto with liquidity. These types of coins have substantial demand in the market, so they’re always valued. Some examples are Bitcoin, Ether, etc. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Earn Crypto In 2024?

The fastest way to earn crypto is by completing simple tasks online through crypto microtasks platforms. These platforms offer you some crypto payments in exchange for completing tasks for companies. These tasks do not require much effort, and they don’t take much time to complete. You can start on Earn.com, Bituro, Coin Tasker, and BitcoinGet. 

How Can I Get Free Ethereum Online?

With crypto microtask platforms, you don’t exactly get Ethereum for free — but earn them with low effort in a short time. Not all crypto microtasks platforms pay you in ETH; some that pay are Earn.com and Bituro. 

Can I Get $10 Bitcoin Free Online?

You can use crypto microtasks platforms to earn $10 worth of Bitcoin. You can’t get it for free, but with minimal work and the right platform, it’s not a big deal. Most crypto microtasks platforms may not pay you $10 in Bitcoin for one task. But with consistency and dedication, you’ll earn more than that. Some top crypto microtasks platforms are Earn.com, Bituro, Coin Tasker, and BitcoinGet. 

Wrapping It Up,

We’ve discussed all you need to get started with crypto microtasks. So, take the first step by signing up on one of the crypto microtasks platforms and start making money — thanks to Crypto!

You can wing this money-making venture however you like — either full-time or as a thing you do on the side for extra cash. Just remember that what makes it even more profitable is your consistency with the platform you choose. 

As a final gift from me — you should also know that you can convert your crypto to cash & enjoy juicy rates using Breet!  Breet is a secure crypto exchange platform that allows you to trade crypto for cash (or crypto!)  safely & seamlessly. Whether in Nigeria or Ghana, after making some money from micro-tasks, you can convert crypto to your local currency and have it sent to your bank account in just minutes. Enjoy! 

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