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How to Sell Ethereum for Cedis: Seamless Trading Explored

When trading or investing in Ethereum, you will want to convert some of that money to your local currency to ease spending. This article discusses how to sell Ethereum for Cedis the smoothest way possible. 

Starting with the basics, let’s explore the types of platforms available to you in Ghana. 

Seamless Methods for Trading Ethereum for Cedis.

Since we’re focusing on seamless trading in this post, I’ll give you three top methods guaranteed to convert your Ethereum to Cedis easily.

1. The Over-The-Counter (OTC) Method

Like anything over-the-counter, this is the easiest way to get crypto trading service tailored to your needs — in this case, selling Ethereum for Cedis. It is fast growing in popularity as an alternative to more traditional methods due to this ease and personalized experience. 

In Ghana, the best platform to sell your Ethereum on is the Breet app, which is built to provide excellent crypto conversion services. With its intuitive User Interface – so simple an amateur can confidently use it as it is accessible on both the web and mobile – Breet embodies seamlessness in crypto trading. 

Breet takes it up a notch by offering automatic deposits to your bank account after converting your Ethereum to Cedis at the best rate on the market. Because Breet does not provide crypto custody, transactions are lightning-fast and robustly secure. 

2. Centralized Exchanges

This is the more common way to sell Ethereum.  Centralized exchanges (CEXs) work as the middlemen between buyers and sellers, acting as an escrow to hold onto users’ money and facilitate trades. 

They typically have high liquidity, meaning you can quickly sell large amounts of crypto. They also support an extensive range of fiat currencies —some include Cedis — making it easy to sell your ETH. Some popular examples are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, OKX, and Gemini.

3. Decentralized Exchanges

This is a more complex way to sell Ethereum and the opposite of Centralized exchanges, so it is more suited to seasoned traders. 

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) use the peer-to-peer trading approach and eliminate intermediaries to give the traders complete control. They’re platforms where smart contracts execute trades rather than rely on third parties. 

DEXs are not easy to use, not highly liquid, and prone to technical challenges. However, they are more private, offer more security than CEXs, and are open-source. So, this is a trade-off to get the whole blockchain experience as a crypto trader or investor. Popular DEXs are Uniswap, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap. 

Steps to Sell Ethereum for Cedis

Best app to sell crypto for cash

Using the most seamless approach, this is the guide to selling Ethereum for cedis on the Breet app:

Step One: Download the Breet app from your Google Play Store or App Store. Or, if you’d like, register directly on the web.

Step two:  Sign up by filling in your essential details. 

Note: You get a permanent ETH wallet address automatically generated upon sign-up.

Step three: Complete your verification process by submitting government-issued IDs for your KYC process.

Step four: Fill in your bank details and select your default currency, Cedis.

Step five: Send your Ethereum wallet address or scan your OR code to get it and deposit ETH in your wallet.  

Step six: After the confirmation time, your ETH has been sold for Cedis, and you can now send it to your bank account. Alternatively, if you toggle on “Automatic Settlement,” Breet deposits your Cedis in your account — zero stress. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How to Sell Ethereum for Cedis

Is Ethereum available in Ghana?

Yes! Ethereum is available in every country unless it has been banned or is heavily regulated. The same opportunities Ethereum provides are available to traders and investors in Ghana. So, feel free to use Ethereum as long as you apply caution.

What crypto app works in Ghana?

Many apps are available in Ghana depending on what you want to do — buy or sell crypto. To purchase crypto, you can use global apps like Binance, Coinbase, and OKX. If you’re going to sell, consider using the best OTC platform, the  Breet app, as it provides a more personalized experience and allows you to receive your crypto directly in your bank account seamlessly. 

Should I sell my ETH for BTC?

This decision is entirely up to you. But, you can look at several factors to ease the decision-making. Investment goals, diversification strategy, and market trends are essential in making smart decisions.

Can I sell my Ethereum now?

Before you sell your Ethereum, consider the state of the market and the market trends. Avoid making decisions from a place of fear to avoid regret. Your investment plan should also be a guide here as it helps you discover if you’re making a profit or a loss. 

How do I withdraw Ethereum from crypto to a bank account?

Withdrawing Ethereum into your bank account can be one of the most seamless processes with the Breet app. You’ll have received Cedis or Naira in your local bank account in just a few minutes and clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Breet app or register directly on the web app.
  2. Sign up and complete the verification process.
  3. Deposit ETH into your wallet address
  4. Wait for the confirmation block, and receive your Ethereum in your bank account. Or have it automatically sent when you switch on the “Automatic Settlement” feature. 


Always do due diligence and sell your Ethereum at the right time by watching the market closely, analyzing trends, and paying attention to investors’ sentiments about Ethereum. 

Selling your Ethereum for Cedis should be the easiest step to enjoying your crypto profits, and with the Breet app, you get seamless and profitable trading in one app. 

Enjoy smooth trading with Breet!

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