Sell Crypto in Nigeria
&  Ghana

You may buy the dip, or HODL for years, but whenever you’re ready to sell your crypto, you’re welcome.

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Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet
Join 200,000+ users who trust Breet
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24Hr Change

24Hr Change

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Automate Your Off-Ramp Crypto Trading

Ever thought of a way to be involved in crypto without being involved in crypto?. Better put, ever thought of a way to convert cryptocurrency to cash without doing anything at all? Yeah, that’s what Breet is all about.

On Breet, you can exchange cryptocurrency for cash within a few minutes and be paid instantly in naira or cedis. How about you start using the best crypto trading app in Nigeria and Ghana now?

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Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Online

You might have been sleeping on this bicycle, but here’s a free-goal opportunity to fly into the global cryptocurrency buzz and start accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoins, Bitcoin Cash, USDT and other popular cryptocurrencies as payment methods for your business.

Breet allows businesses to start receiving cryptocurrency payments and be paid in Naira or Cedis. The best of it is; as a business, you do not have to worry about cryptocurrency volatility.

Zero HODL, Zero Fee

Breet is laser-focused on helping users go from crypto to cash in seconds. Breet does not offer crypto custody, neither do we allow users to buy cryptocurrency. All we care about is that you get the cash value for your cryptocurrency immediately you need them, it's called strictly-sell, and we do that very well.

On Breet, every cryptocurrency received in your wallet is automatically converted to your default fiat currency using the best crypto rates and paid to your bank account. And guess what? No fees attached.

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Best App For Crypto Exchange

On Breet, not only can you sell bitcoin, sell ethereum, sell USDT and other cryptocurrencies… As we are cool for the average users who just want to sell crypto and even cooler for businesses, our developers' API also allows you to build secure payment gateways for your applications.

With this, you can receive crypto payments on your website or store and be paid directly in your local currency. The best part is that you control your own funds, no one else.




Carry out limitless cryptocurrency swaps with up to 170+ cryptocurrencies at the best rates and lowest fees. Simple, Fast, and Free of Custody.


How Our Crypto-to-Cash Works

Learn how to convert Crypto to Naira & Cedis in less than a minute