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How To Make Money From Bitcoin Faucets In 2024

There are so many ways you can make money from crypto. You can invest, trade, mine, or even get some cash for free! And if you’re a crypto newbie, a fun and rewarding way to enter the crypto world is by earning some free BTC. Some Bitcoin rewards platforms can give you free BTC; one is — Bitcoin faucets. 

Keep in mind, though,  nothing is absolutely free, not even in the digital world. But, don’t worry, you won’t do any back-breaking work to earn from Bitcoin faucets (maybe a little extra screen time, but that’s about it). 

In this post, I’ll address all your concerns about money-making through Bitcoin faucets. I’ll tell you the what, how, and where you can go to get some extra money with low effort — especially as a beginner. 

Sounds like something you’re interested in? Let’s begin!

What Is A Bitcoin Faucet, And How Do They Work? 

A Bitcoin faucet is a crypto reward app or website. If you’re curious about the name Bitcoin faucet, it can be likened to a leaking faucet/tap. So, it’s like BTC leaks, where you get drops of  BTC.

You get payments sent to your wallet for completing simple and easy tasks, like; product reviews, taking surveys, watching ads, CAPTCHA tests, or logging into the website/app daily. 

Like everything blockchain, a Bitcoin faucet also cuts off middlemen and intermediaries to give autonomy to the user. And in this case, faucets cut off advertising giants like Google Ads. So, instead of companies going through big corporations for their adverts, they can just contact Bitcoin Faucets, who will reward the users directly. 

Users are paid in Satoshis (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin equal to 0.0000001 BTC). Payments also vary, but some websites set a threshold of the minimum amount of Satoshis they pay. 

The pay-outs for these tasks aren’t likely to make you a crypto millionaire, but it’s a great entry point into the crypto space.

The payments weren’t always little, though. When Bitcoin faucets were introduced in 2010 by Gavin Andresen, a Senior Bitcoin Developer – faucets used to pay 5 BTC for these same simple tasks! 

Can you imagine that? 

The goal at the time was to spread the ownership of BTC and introduce more people to cryptocurrency (we can see how well that worked out).

But How Exactly Do Bitcoin Faucets Work?

First things first: registration/sign up. Most faucets require your email address to sign-up. It’s a red flag if a faucet asks you for sensitive personal data like your ID, biometric data, etc.

Sign up page for Cointiply

Secondly, the faucet owners advertise available tasks on the website and broadcast them to the faucet users (a.k.a, you). They usually come with instructions (e.g., watching a video, completing a survey, etc.)

Cointiply Offer's page

After you complete the tasks, the amount equivalent to the completed task is sent to your micro-wallet, which you can find on the faucet. From your micro-wallet, send your rewards to your main BTC wallet — where you can trade the BTC for cash. Some faucets set a withdrawal threshold. For instance, you may not be able to withdraw to your main BTC wallet until you have $10 worth of Satoshis. 

How To Make Money With Bitcoin Faucets?

As mentioned, you won’t become an overnight millionaire with Bitcoin faucets. Instead, the consistent use of the faucet would help you get from point A to a significant point. 

Your best bet is to choose a faucet and frequently complete the most well-paying tasks to get paid more. This will help you make money with faucets. 

Ready for some extra coins in your wallet? Take a look at the top five best Bitcoin faucets you can sign up for in 2024.

The Top Five Best Bitcoin Faucets In 2024

1. Cointiply

Cointiply is one of the highest-paying faucets, with a plethora of tasks you can complete. They boast of $3 million users to whom they’ve paid $12 million BTC. So, I’d say it’s a pretty great faucet to consider. Here are some tasks you can complete on Cointiply:

  • Games: You get paid to have fun playing games in desktop and mobile formats. You earn the coins as you advance in the games.
  • Surveys: Cointiply gives out $1 – $5 worth of coins when you complete company and product surveys.
  • Referral rewards: You get 25% when someone uses your referral code to sign up and 10% on their transactions.
  • Videos: You can also get some crypto from watching videos on Cointiply.
  • Interest: Once you’ve earned 35,000 coins and want to make some more passively, keep the coins in your holdings for 10% interest.

2. Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens has existed since 2014, has over 5 million users, and has paid over 1,000 BTC. This faucet is different from other faucets because it has several ways you can earn through their Bitcoin Aliens suite of apps, including Alien Run, Blockchain Game, Bitcoin Cash Giveaway, and Free Bitcoin.

3. FreeBitco.in

FreeBitco.in is one of the oldies in the game. Established in 2013, it gives up to $200 worth of BTC by the hour. It has a record of 19 million users, earning more than 179,325 BTC through over 90 billion games. 

It’s preferred for how simple it is to use. The gaming style resembles the casino-based dice game, making it familiar. Once in an hour, you complete a CAPTCHA and roll a dice —and you are sure of getting some Satoshis once you roll that dice. 

There’s more — jackpot contests are organised weekly and monthly with bigger prizes to be won. Your referrals also guarantee you 50% of your friend’s winnings forever!

4. CoinPayU

CoinPayU is known for giving out a variety of crypto coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, etc. With a total number of users close to $5 million and almost 2 million successful payouts, CoinPayU is one of the most popular faucets used for advertising.  

Big industry names like Binance, ByBit, Kucoin, etc., have used CoinPayU as an advertising platform. CoinPayU users get paid to view adverts placed by clients and have great reviews about the faucet. 

5. FreeBitcoins.com

FreeBitcoins.com has been around since 2010 and is unique in that it allows its users to fully operate and earn from two accounts to help them make more money from the Bitcoin faucet. 

FreeBitcoin.com rewards its users for testing and using the website. This allows them (the admin) to get a well-rounded perspective on the website to identify and fix its flaws. 

This Bitcoin faucet also has an affiliate program that rewards users when others use their link to access the website. 

How To Stay Safe When Using Bitcoin Faucets

While the temptation of making money with Bitcoin faucets is high, don’t let your guard down. It’s essential to stay safe online and apply the same precautions as you would if dealing with cryptocurrency.  

Online safety

Some malicious individuals may want to take advantage of the free money promise to install malware in your devices, steal your identity, or break into your main crypto wallet. 

Some red flags to watch out for when using Bitcoin faucets are:

  • Asking for sensitive personal data like your credit/debit card details, ID, Biometric data, etc. 
  • Too many grammar errors in a website posturing as a faucet show that much thought was not put into building the website. This can be a sign of a scam site.   
  • When the payout is too good to be true, you should be wary. A Bitcoin faucet that promises you $10 in reward for completing one task is most likely fraudulent. 
  • Generally, you should avoid an insecure website. Most web browsers, like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., would warn you about an insecure website by displaying a  “Not Secure” warning. An insecure website would have the protocol HTTP instead of the secure HTTPS.
  • Messages sent to your email about faucets. A Bitcoin faucet would not solicit your sign-up through your email. Any proposition like this is most likely a scam, and you should do well to avoid clicking on any links in that email. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bitcoin Faucets 

Are Bitcoin Faucets Real?

Bitcoin faucets are real and give away real  BTC. However, you must be careful not to sign up on fake or malicious websites. Also, know that the key to making money with Bitcoin faucets is to remain consistent with your tasks and take advantage of the highest-paying tasks and the other rewards systems available within the faucet.

Who Can Use Bitcoin Faucets?

Anyone can use Bitcoin faucets, but it is primarily for beginners. Bitcoin faucet is a gentle introduction to crypto that rewards low efforts while giving a peek into the crypto space. 

What Are The Bitcoin Faucets And Reward Platforms?

Bitcoin faucets and other reward platforms are apps/websites that pay you in BTC for completing easy tasks on their website. Some Bitcoin faucets are FreeBitcoin.com, Cointiply, CoinPayU, FreeBitco.in, and Bitcoin Aliens. They help you accumulate small amounts of BTC in exchange for your time spent completing some tasks.

What Is The Best Bitcoin Faucets App?

Various Bitcoin faucet apps cater to different things and have other reward systems. You can use your discretion to choose the Bitcoin faucet that fits your needs and interests. Some are FreeBitcoin.com, Cointiply, CoinPayU, FreeBitco.in, and Bitcoin Aliens. 

What is a Bitcoin Faucet Wallet?

A Bitcoin faucet wallet can be found within the faucet, and it is often called a micro wallet. Your chosen faucet would provide a micro wallet that receives your payments. You can then decide to withdraw from there to your main BTC wallet. Some faucets require that you reach a threshold before enabling withdrawals, so look out for that detail.  

What are the Bitcoin Faucets That Pay?

The prerequisite for any program to be called a faucet is that it pays its users for completing some type of task(s). So, with this in mind, all Bitcoin faucets pay. Any faucet without a transparent payment system is a scam site and a waste of your time. 

That being said, some of the best Bitcoin faucets with relatively high payments for various tasks are; FreeBitcoin.com, Cointiply, CoinPayU, FreeBitco.in, and Bitcoin Aliens. 

Closing Remarks

Now that you know how to make money from Bitcoin faucets, use this knowledge judiciously. Remember that consistency and patience are the most important virtues in making money through Bitcoin faucets. It’s not an overnight-success scheme, and although minimal, it requires some effort from you. 

The final step in making money with Bitcoin faucets is to enjoy maximum rewards for your effort by trading with Breet. Breet trading is seamless, secure and straightforward at the best exchange rate. All you need to do is to transfer your coins from your micro wallet to your Breet Bitcoin wallet for automatic cash value in Naira or Cedis. 


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