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Recovering Bitcoin from Scammers: Proven Tips for Retrieving Your Stolen Crypto

Crypto scams have risen exponentially in the past few years. There are new gimmicks, schemes, and tools—scammers are working harder than ever. While you can do your best to prevent these scams, a slip is all it takes. 

Now, anyone can be a victim, which begs the question: how do you recover your stolen crypto? In this article, we explore the deep ends of Bitcoin scams and the steps to take after you have been scammed. Keep reading! 

Proven Steps to Take Once You Are Scammed 

The common misconception about stolen crypto is that it’s irretrievable. But that’s not entirely true. Here are the steps to take once you get scammed to improve your chances of recovering your assets: 

 1. Keep Calm and Maintain Composure

Undoubtedly, scams hit hard. One minute, you have a packed portfolio; the next minute, it’s all gone. However, the first step is to keep calm and maintain composure when you get scammed; don’t threaten the scammer with legal action. These mentions might lead the scammers to cover their tracks faster, which reduces your chances of retrieving your assets. Instead, take a deep breath and seek support from your crypto community. 

2. Document the Incident 

You must document the scam to report it, as it increases your chances of recovering your funds. Gather all relevant information that captures the incident. This information includes screenshots of the conversation, transactions, and anything that might help. Also, save any information related to the scammers, like email headers, IP addresses, and website URLs. Additionally, you can note the chronological timeline, as it would help the law-enforcement agency in their investigation. 

3. Report to the Appropriate Authorities

Once you have collated enough evidence, the next step is to report to the authorities. Prompt action is crucial; the quicker you are, the easier it is to recover the Bitcoin and prevent others from falling victim. You can report the scams to cybercrime units, financial regulatory bodies, and local law enforcement. All the authorities have their unique functions. They all come together to guarantee the best outcome. 

4. Use Blockchain Analysis Tools 

Blockchain analysis tools play a critical role in recovering your stolen crypto. Some specialised companies use in-depth analysis and advanced algorithms to track stolen funds. Companies can uncover the identity of scammers using these tools. The technology relies on the transparent nature of Blockchain technology, which allows all transactions to be stored and traceable. You can contact these organisations. Here are notable mentions: Elliptic and Chainalysis

How to Steer Clear of Crypto Scams in the Future

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While it is possible to recover your stolen funds, it is better not to fall into the scam in the first place. In this section, we cover how you can avoid crypto scams in the future. This way, you will know what to watch out for to prevent this situation from repeating itself. 

1. Promise of Guaranteed Return 

One of the biggest red flags is guaranteed return. The core of cryptocurrency is its unpredictability. Hence, nothing is truly certain. So, when you see an offer that promises insanely high offers with almost no risks, run! All legitimate projects always emphasise the potential risk and returns. Only scams try to lure you in with unrealistic offers. 

2. No Transparency 

Legit projects are transparent and thorough. They include detailed information on the team, roadmap, and used technology. Conversely, scammers are shady and secretive. If you encounter a project with exaggerated and vague information, it is your cue to tread carefully. Hence, it pays to only invest in transparent projects with credible foundations. 

3. Mounted Pressure 

Scammers employ the high-pressure technique. They mount pressure to force their victims to make impulsive decisions, creating a false sense of urgency or the idea that it’s an exclusive opportunity. Note that trusted projects allow you to make informed decisions at your own time. If you feel rushed or pressured, take steps back and carefully evaluate the offer. Often, it’s a scam rushed to seem like an exclusive offer. 

Knowing the scams, in addition to these red flags, helps keep you on high alert. Noting five top crypto scams ensures you can spot them quickly when they pop up. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Recovering Bitcoin from Scammers  

How to deal with Bitcoin Scammers? 

The best way to deal with a Bitcoin scammer is to report it to the appropriate authorities and the platform. This means reporting to the exchange, local enforcement agencies, and cybercrime units. Threatening violence or legal actions against the scammer is counterintuitive and might hamper recovery. 

Is There Any Way to Recover Bitcoin Sent to the Wrong Address

The best solution is to contact the owner of the address you sent it to and request your funds. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the owner, your assets might be lost. The only alternative is to contact the exchange you used for the transaction. 

Can I get Bitcoin back from someone who scammed me?

There is a slight chance that you recover your stolen Bitcoin from your scammer. You must stay calm, record the evidence, and contact the appropriate authorities quickly. However, it is only a slight chance. 

Another way to increase your chances is to get Blockchain analysis tools like Chain analysis in the mix. They can run analyses and track transactions, providing scammers with information. 

Can the Police trace a Bitcoin scam?

Typically, yes, but it can be a bit challenging. If you are in a place with tight regulations around crypto, we advise you to refrain from contacting the Police. Instead, you can report to the crypto exchange and cybercrime units online. 

Can I trace the owner of a Bitcoin wallet?

It depends. You can only find the owner of a Bitcoin wallet if they reveal it or if someone attaches a recognisable name to it. That aside, it is technically impossible as that is the basis of cryptocurrency. 


Crypto scams are dreadful. While many believe that stolen crypto funds are irretrievable, there are steps to take that say otherwise. This article unveils all you need to do once your Bitcoin is stolen. You stand a chance if you stay calm, gather evidence, and reach the appropriate authority. Remember to keep safe and trade with the conscious thought that scams are everywhere. 

If you are particular about staying safe, choose Breet for your crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-cash transactions. The Breet platform is easy to use and has security measures in place to ensure your crypto goes safely from your wallet to the appropriate account. Choosing Breet is choosing safety! 

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