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How to Earn TRON by Participating in Network Validation

TRON is a decentralized blockchain-based system with several use cases thanks to its smart contract functionality and proof of stake principles. While investors can earn passive income by HODL and selling, network validation is an active way to earn. By participating in the Blockchain network validation, you earn TRX or Tronix, the platform’s cryptocurrency. But how do you begin? Here, we uncover incredible insights about earning TRX by participating in network validation. Stick around!

Understanding Tron Network Validation

Before thinking about earning through network validation, you must understand what it means. Network validation is the system that checks whether a platform’s transactions align with the required rules. It is also responsible for safeguarding the network from any nefarious activities. The super representatives are responsible for this action. The TRON Network has 27 super representatives (or validators); a new set of super representatives is elected every six hours. 

Different Ways to Earn TRON by Network Validation

Here are a couple of mainstream ways you can earn TRON by network validation: 

1. Be Elected As A Super Representative: Super representatives or block producers on the TRON network are chosen by votes. To participate in the election, you need 9,999 TRX. Once selected, the network gives you block production rewards and transaction fees. For every block a super representative makes, they get 16 TRX. The reward in total for each SR is (460,800/27) × 20% TRX. 

2. Vote for a Super Representative Candidate: Much like in the real world, when you vote and support a candidate, and they win, they offer TRON in return. While this is not 100% true, it happens more often than not as it publicly displays that the SR values its voters. You get a token if you vote for a super representative or super representative partner

3. Be A Super Representative Partner: Only the first 27 candidates with the most votes get to be a super representative bestowed with the ability to make blocks. However, candidates between the 27th and 127th are called super representative partners and get voting rewards. Note that super-representative elections take place every 6 hours.  

4. Offer Your TRON to A Candidate: When a candidate wants to become a super representative, they need a lot of voting power. The only way to get this is by having more TRX. You can offer your TRX to boost their voting power before the election. When they win, they share their rewards with you. 

How to Vote In a Super Representative on TRON Network

How to Vote In a Super Representative on Tron's Network 


While becoming a super representative is possible, it resembles a wild goose chase. Before you can reach that stage, it will take time and lots of voters. Instead, why don’t we discuss how to vote? Here, you also get voting rewards, and the process is simple. 

First, you have to get TRON. If you don’t have one, you can buy from trusted exchanges, such as BYBIT or Binance. Once you have TRX, you need a wallet that can access the TRON blockchain, i.e., TronLink and Trust Wallet. To vote, you need TRON Power. And the only way to get this is by freezing TRX. Once you have frozen, you get TRON Power alongside Bandwidth or Energy. Visit your wallet and open the voting window, choose the super representative you want, and vote. 

What are the Risks Involved in Participating in TRON Network Validation? 

While earning TRX via network validation comes with many perks, there are potential risks you should be aware of. 

  • Volatility: Staking puts your TRX at a financial risk. The token’s value is unstable; hence, any major shift in the market will significantly impact your potential profits. 
  • Need for Expertise: Network validation requires some expertise to navigate. Without expertise, making substantial gains from this stunt is almost impossible. There is also the added threat of attacks and node failure. 
  • Regulatory Uncertainty: Regulations are bleak at best. If there are new local regulations guarding cryptocurrency in your region, it can impact your ability to participate. Hence, watch out for crippling regulations. 
  • Voting and Other Related Risks: Voting an unreliable super representative can cause more harm than good. Also, investing in a candidate who didn’t win or become a representative partner can cause losses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Earning TRON By Networking Validation 

How many Super Representatives Does TRON Have?

TRON has 27 super representatives, and new representatives are elected every 6 hours by voting. To participate in the super representative election, you must have staked TRX and visit tronscan.org to get started. 

What network does TRON use? 

TRON is an open-source blockchain platform that runs smart contracts and can be used to build apps. In functionality, the TRON network is similar to the Ethereum network. 

How much are TRON network fees?

TRON has a bandwidth size of 268; hence, transferring on the network incurs network fees of either 13.74 TRX or 27.6 TRX. But if you have enough Bandwidth or Energy, the transaction will burn through them rather than your TRX balance. 

Who Can Vote for TRON Super Representative? 

All holders of TRON are free to participate in the voting process and potentially win voting rewards. However, remember that you need TRON Power; you must stake TRX to get this. 

Where Can I Convert TRON to Cash? 

You can convert your TRON to cash using Breet. The platform’s processing time is mere seconds, and users are also assured of safety as Breet features reliable security protocols. 



Like every crypto investment, network validation has its share of perks and risks. It is not a shortcut. However, investors stand a massive chance of earning a lot if they take note of the risk and practice caution. When it is time to convert your Tron to cash, choose Breet. The over-the-counter platform offers competitive rates and incredible turnover time. However, remember to DYOR and stay safe.

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