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Our Merchant API allows you to build secure payment gateways for your applications. With instant fiat settlement whenever you need it. You control your own coins, no one else.

Supported Currencies


The Easiest Crypto Payment Gateway for Developers

The BREET API is designed as an easy starting point for developers working on applications that permit cryptocurrencies as a payment method. We handle the payment flow from checkout to settlement, allowing businesses to use this innovative payment method without deep technical know-how and risks related to exchange rate fluctuations. The API is, therefore, suitable for applications from basic projects, to medium-level integration.

The Easiest Crypto Payment Gateway for Developers
Detailed Documentation

Detailed Documentation

Our documentation provides everything you need to start accepting blockchain payments.

Technical Support

Our team is available to give you the help you need during the integration process.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Once integrated, the dashboard is easy to understand with zero technical requirements.

Instant Fiat Settlement

Get your cash anytime you want it, currently available in Nigeria and Ghana.

Popular CMS Integrations

  • nodejs
  • ruby
  • curl
  • php
  • python
  • c sharp

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