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Top 8 Bitcoin Platforms in Nigeria: Where to Buy and Trade Safely

What are the best Bitcoin trading platforms in Nigeria? Where one can buy and trade crypto safely. Well, are you asking this question? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered!

I want to believe you may be new to cryptocurrency and have made the cool decision to delve into crypto trading. If you have been doing your findings right, you will have realised that crypto trading is so exciting.

While we’re at it, I had previously written on how to become a better crypto trader in Nigeria, a guide that will give you important tips on making much more profit from your Bitcoin investment. You should check it out. Let’s get to the deal!

In this guide, I will be listing out the top 8 best Bitcoin platforms in Nigeria that you should use to smoothen your crypto trading experience. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned trader, these platforms will have you shouting “Lambo!” in no time. Talking of Lambo, do you know that Lambo the comedian has bought a Lambo car

So buckle up, grab your favourite Naija snacks, and let’s get started on this wild crypto journey! So you too can buy a Lamborghini.


Discovering the Top 8 Bitcoin Platforms to Buy and Trade Safely!

Here are my highly recommended top 8 Bitcoin trading platforms you should use to trade crypto safely:


1. Breet

Breet, best Bitcoin platform in Nigeria

Breet is arguably the best crypto trading platform in Nigeria. But honestly, no one should argue with me though. Breet may not be the oldest sibling in the room, but it sure has its ODOGWUness to bring to the game. “What is Breet?” you may ask.

Breet is a crypto trading platform that can be accessed by downloading the Breet app, available on all Android and iPhone devices. You can also access Breet via the web version. But there are some significant features that set Breet apart.

Breet uses an OTC exchange system instead of a peer-to-peer exchange system most of the trading platforms use. This signifies that while trading with Breet, you trade with only yourself. You do not have to trade with a peer, leaving no room for P2P scams, fraud, or fear of losing your funds. Breet gives you peace of mind. This is not exaggerating though, I mean, Breet also automatically converts your crypto to cash at effect. So, if you’re a business owner and you really don’t trade crypto, you can still make crypto a payment method. Where once a customer pays you in crypto, it converts to Naira instantly. And if you turn on the Breet automatic settlement, the money will be sent to your bank account in a few minutes. No be juju o, it’s real life! And Breet is completely free, there are no fees when trading with Breet.

So you see why I said you shouldn’t argue with me about Breet being the best crypto platform? Who dey…?


2. Luno


It would be wrong if I didn’t add Luno to this list. Luno has been an OG Bitcoin pioneer. They’ve been in the game since 2013. Luno has a seamless trading experience and their app is smooth. It also has a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade which allows one to diversify their crypto portfolio.


3. Quidax


You know that feeling when your favourite artist drops a new track and it’s fire? Just like Davido’s latest album, Timeless. Well, well, well! Not so far but Don Jazzy is a great partner with Quidax.

Quidax is a good Bitcoin platform in Nigeria, and it supports a variety of cryptocurrencies as well. One downtime I notice though is that Quidax is slow when performing a transaction. Always waiting for confirmations and all, and it may even take longer than expected. If you want to do some fast trading, Quidax may not be your top choice but overall Quidax is dope. Quidax also boasts some seriously tight security measures, so you can trade with peace of mind while sipping on some cold Zobo.


4. Roqqu


May our Bitcoin investment not rug in Jesus’ Name, AMEN. Because why did I pronounce “Roqqu” as “rug”? In context: Rug in crypto means to scam or fail.

Aside from the confusion in name pronunciation, Roqqu is a pretty good Bitcoin trading platform. The experience is seamless and you can trade on the go. One thing I love most about Roqqu is the periodic price update it renders. When a particular crypto coin is rising, it does indicate it to users so interested buyers can key in as well. And that’s some good crypto bro code (unofficially).

Although, Roqqu transactions can be a bit slow and it’s almost impossible to perform withdrawal transactions from evening to night time. This may indicate that their customer support team is not 24/7 but has closing hours.


5. Binance


You have probably heard of Binance. Some would even say Binance is the most popular crypto trading platform. But does popular mean better? Well, Binance is very good. It does have almost all, if not all, of what crypto can offer. But Binance is not so simple to use as a beginner. The user interface is too advanced for an amateur to understand.

The way it’s programmed, only experts can fully function with Binance. And the fees on Binance are extremely high. For one not to get affected by such fees, it means you have to be a crypto whale: you trade crypto for large sums of money.


6. Busha


Busha is another wholesome Bitcoin platform in Nigeria. You can buy, sell and trade crypto with Busha. Emm! There’s really nothing so booming about Busha but it does work effectively. It has advanced features to up your crypto game, commendable trading time speed, good customer support, and all. Busha just works.


7. Bundle

Bundle Africa

Bundle is great. It’s actually a good catch for people who just want to save in Bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies. Bundle allows its users to invest in crypto and when the coin increases in value, your investment also increases in value. A great way to make some cool profit. If you just want to invest in Bitcoin, especially for a long time, Bundle is a viable option.


8. Yellow Card

Yellow Card

Just like Busha, Yellow Card works well. Nothing alarming but it works. You can buy cryptocurrencies and sell and trade within. It has a variety of cryptocurrencies and functions in multiple African countries. Yellow Card is a good option if you trade crypto within African currencies. Because it does support multiple currencies in Africa.



There you have it, my crypto-loving friends — the top 10 Bitcoin platforms in Nigeria where you can buy and trade safely. Whether you’re a newbie looking to dip your toes into the crypto pool or a seasoned trader ready to take on the market, these top 8 Bitcoin platforms in Nigeria will provide you with the tools you need to navigate the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

So gather your Naija squad, fire up those laptops or mobile devices, and embark on this thrilling crypto adventure. Just remember to HODL and enjoy the ride because, in the end, it’s not just about the Lambo dreams but the friendships and experiences we gain along the way. But really, that Lambo dream is valid though! Maybe I should also be a comedian or you don’t find me funny? (Side eye)

Lol Naija, we’re about to take the crypto world by storm!

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