This Dude Lost BTC Worth Over £200M! 😳 #CryptoStory

Hey Breet Gang, 

The weekend is upon us and as usual, it’s storytime by somebody from Breet. 

Before we begin – have you ever lost some cash (maybe the time you forgot your 500 Naira with that bus conductor that kept saying ‘calm down, I go find you change’) and couldn’t stop vexing about it for the rest of the week?

Now, imagine losing the password to a crypto account with £200,000,000 in it!

We wish we made this story up, but this was the bad luck German bitcoin trader Stefan Thomas had. 

He put away £100,000 worth of BTC, and ten years later, it had gone up to £200,000,000 in total. 

Unfortunately, after all that time, he’d lost the password to the hard drive where the keys to his digital wallet were. All that money? POOF, gone!

This trader tried everything to recover that money (who wouldn’t?), but unfortunately, nothing worked. 

Moral of the story…

Don’t let life shock you like this; some passwords are too costly to lose!

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Until next time – stay sharp, and have a great weekend!

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