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The Chronicles Of A Rainy Day In Crypto 🌧️

Amidst all the drama in the crypto space right now, it’s important to get your mind off the charts while understanding that the crypto market is known for its ups and downs and that no matter how low it gets, it’ll always come back bouncing like a baby boy.

Let’s have a conversation…

Cryptocurrency is a good investment for all, but it could go left if you’re not prepared for the expected downs.

There are some factors that can make cryptocurrency a bad or good investment for you. Like entering the market at the wrong time. In as much as the motivation to buy the dip is always low, it’s easy to conclude that the best time to actually enter the market is during the rainy days, just like this.

It’s human psychology to avoid something on its bad days, and join the bandwagon during the good days. That’s why people actually buy more and sell less when the crypto market is going up, due to fear of missing out, and they buy less and sell more when it’s going down, such irony.

The crypto market is a trading market for intelligent and sentimental people because, with what the market is doing, you gats open your eyes and be wise!

Regardless, the current situation of the market shouldn’t make you forget the goods cryptocurrency has done and will continue to do.

Cryptocurrency is open to everyone and it is a highly profiting platform. We are simply just in the rainy days, the land is yet to be green and grow fruits. Will you be a patient and patriotic cryptonier? Or, do you want to deny it?

Remember, a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. We’re just learning, read the marker and DYOR!

Somebody from breet, blows you kisses.

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