Wagwan, Breet Gang? 

Happy weekend! 🥳

As worker’s day fast approaches – a.k.a. another public holiday on a Monday! – I think it’s a great time to celebrate all workers everywhere 🕺🏼 . 

In Mr Macaroni’s voice, you’re doing well! 😁

The grind isn’t easy, but it’s always going to be worth it.

And speaking of work: most people look at their favourite public figures doing reallyyy well for themselves and assume they all inherited daddy’s money or had it as easy as Mr. Eazi from day one. 

For where? 🙃

Don’t believe me? Coconut head is allowed – let me show you proof! 

Here are three popular personalities in the crypto scene & where they started their journey before the fame and gain! 💰 

1.  Brian Armstrong: THE billionaire that other billionaires look up to. Well, this co-founder and CEO of crypto exchange Coinbase didn’t just wake up swimming in money. From his uni days, he started a business matching tutors to students and then went on to work as an engineer with Airbnb before starting his exchange. Two words – hustle o! 🤝🏼

2.  Changpeng Zhao: This big man running Binance didn’t always have things smooth. Shocked? Changpeng was born in China, and even though he was a smart chap, he was born to parents who were school teachers, grew up in rural areas, and in his teenage years, he supported his family by taking up menial jobs – including a job as a fast-food clerk at McDonald’s. Never saw it coming, did you? 👀

But look at him now! 🤩

3.  Vitalik Buterin: You know those classmates that would skip Primary 6 and always get double promotions? That was Vitalik — a genius who went to a special class for gifted children. However, before Ethereum, guess what he primarily did? Write. He was known for breaking down complex crypto/tech-related topics into simple grammar, and at 18, he co-founded “Bitcoin Magazine” and was the lead writer. I dunno about you, but this one gives me hope 😁

One thing is clear — you can start big things from small places! 

Moral of the day?

Don’t despise the little beginnings & we’d see you at the top, m’kay? 💪🏽

Breet is rooting for you! 🕺🏼 

Until next time,

Go do great stuff! 🚀

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