My Crypto Story: Episode Two #BreetStories

Three weeks had passed since I lost over $10,000, and omo, I still cannot believe it.

One minute, you’re making mad money, the next minute, scammer don run you street 😢.  

The year actually started great; I moved in with Uncle Emeka who’d just gotten married, and I quickly became friends with his wife, Aunty Ruby. 

Two weeks after, she introduced me to what had become her full-time job; Crypto Trading.

Aunty Ruby makes good money, so when she offered to mentor me, you would think I’d jump at the opportunity.

I didn’t. 

Don’t get me wrong o, it’s not like I don’t like good things, I just didn’t want to bother myself with learning the whole process of trading 🙃. 

I knew friends who took classes worth hundreds of dollars and still failed at trading. 

Instead, I asked Aunty Ruby to trade on my behalf while we split the profit.

Aunty Ruby instantly said no. “I won’t have the time.”

Na wa, I mean; she already knew how to fish, why couldn’t she just fish for two 👀?

I spoke to some friends, and that’s how I met Harry.

A mutual friend mentioned that Harry traded on his behalf and he’d made over a million in profit 💰.

I was excited. It sounded like easy cash.

In less than a week, Harry began to trade on my behalf too, and everything was great. 

I made the first request to sell some coins eight weeks later. I remember Harry asking if I had a wallet address. 

I didn’t. “Use yours, just send me Naira.”

I remember this conversation happening in my uncle’s house, in his presence 🧏🏽‍♂️ . 

After he left, Uncle Emeka asked why I didn’t just open my own Crypto account. 

“What’s the point? He’s already trading for me, and he’s not charging extra to change my Crypto to cash.”

He insisted it was risky, but eventually dropped the topic.

I got the money in my Naira bank account from Harry 48 hours later. I had nothing to worry about — so I thought 🌚. 

In Harry’s words; “I’m even making the process faster. Normally, Crypto to Cash takes like 5 days.”

Foolishly, I believed, which was why when I requested to sell off some ETH coins and I still hadn’t gotten it after a week, I wasn’t worried. 

Not until a friend shared the news from one Instagram gossip blog.

Harry had been declared wanted. He’d duped people of over 100 million Naira 😦. 

I ran all the way to the bus-stop and had jumped into a bus before realizing I was barefoot.

I got to Harry’s address and his place was locked and sealed. My money, and apparently, other people’s money; gone.

Shamefully, I opened up to Aunty Ruby the next morning 😢. 

“It’s bad enough that you didn’t think it was wiser to trade on your own; I mean, I was willing to show you the ropes for free. You still needed to use someone else’s wallet too?”

“Sis, I just thought it would be easier if he handled everything…”

“Easier for who, you? You wanted someone else to do all the work while you enjoyed the benefits? Are you a child? You can’t do your own research? It’s so easy to convert your own Crypto to Cash. Haven’t you heard of Breet?”

“What’s that? 🤷🏽 ”

“It’s how easily you’d have gotten your money if you had the sense to set up your own wallet account. Even if this thief wanted to scam you, if your money hadn’t come in after a few minutes, you’d have gotten suspicious on time and acted fast!”

At that moment, I downloaded the Breet app 📱.

Aunty Ruby asked me to turn on a certain feature called Automatic Settlement and she moved $50 worth of BTC to my wallet address. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it came in in less than 5 minutes. Embarrassed was an understatement.

Nice one, Harry. Nice one 👏🏼. 

Lesson learnt.

Tomorrow, I start my Crypto trading lessons with Aunty Ruby, but three weeks ago, I learnt about Breet after getting burnt. 

We move. 

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