My Crypto Story: Episode Four #BreetStories

Mehn, ignorance is expensive o. 

At the beginning of this year, I was struggling to eat, squatting in a self-con inside Ikorodu & begging my fiancée not to leave me for another man 😢 . 

While chesting all of life’s shege, I was also trying to build an online presence as a crypto influencer, even though I still had a lot to learn.  

After months of struggling, things finally started to look up. 

One of the biggest Crypto brands in Africa reached out 🤑 . 

They’d seen my online portfolio and my Twitter account where I’d started to build my reputation as a micro crypto blogger/influencer. 

They wanted me to create viral tweets for their Twitter & write some crypto pieces, but there was a catch. 

“We pay our staff with Bitcoin. It’s just easier for everybody, especially remote workers in other countries — no extra fees and all. Does this work for you?”

I instantly said yes. Me wey hungry dey wipe? 🌚

In my head, I already imagined having a personal chef, living in the most elite part of Lagos & showing my rubbish ex that I had arrived. 

The first month went by fast & I was doing great! 

But, as salary week got closer, I started to think about something.

I needed to set up a Bitcoin wallet to get my pay 💰 . 

This was new to me, as I’d never actually converted Crypto to Naira before.

And that’s when I made a mistake — I spoke to this ‘friend’ who introduced me to a shady trading platform.

I remember being sceptical about his recommendation. 

“They’re new, but no worry, my bro uses them, and they don’t charge transaction fees!” he said. 

I should have known something was wrong when it took days before my account was verified on that platform. Still, I overlooked that 🙃 . 

But after my first salary went into that wallet? The real problem started. 

Withdrawing to my Naira account was harder than becoming a tech bro! 

“We don’t charge transaction fees sir, so our payout timeline is a minimum of 5-7 working days”, a customer care lady told me after I finally got in touch with one. 

Why wasn’t this stated on their website?? 💻

Three weeks passed, and all I’ve been getting are excuses and excuses for my payment delay.

That’s when — for the first time — I decided to actually find a safe and stress-free crypto trading platform by myself. 

Why didn’t I do this earlier instead of asking that foolish boy? 

Because in minutes, I found what I needed — Breet. 

I remember being suspicious about how easy it was to set up my account, but this time, I was worried for nothing! 😁

My next salary was paid days later, and as soon as it hit my Breet wallet, it got converted into Naira and sent to my local bank account! 

It took minutes o, minutes! 

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There I was, still fighting to receive last month’s salary because I’d trusted the wrong people, but see how easy it could have been 😩 .

My eye don clear o. 

Moving forward — Breet or nothing else! 

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