My Crypto Story: Episode Five #BreetStories

One thing 2022 taught me? It’s “try dey calm down.”

Impatient dog don chop the thinnest bone o 😢.

It all started right after the ASUU strike began. I wanted to try Crypto, and I connected with a crypto arbitrage trader, Prince. 

Baba didn’t even brief me well, and I was too greedy to ask the right questions. That’s how I used my entire savings and what my dad had given me for my house rent — everything went into Crypto. 

I bought the dip o, and this arbitrage trader a.k.a my mentor told me to hodl.

Soon, I couldn’t sleep well at night and I was falling sick every 3-4 business days.

After months, I’d lost more than half of my investment to the bloody crypto market 📈. 

One morning, I was done.

That’s when I made my second mistake. 

I went to him, said I was ready to sell & get whatever was left, so I needed help. 

“You’re sure? Okay. You no even get mind. Anyways, I can help you sell. But see, you know the market is red, you’d manage any rate right now o.” Prince told me. 

I didn’t even argue. I thought that made sense. Until he told me the rate later that day. 

I refused at first, yet, I didn’t do my own research at any point 😬. 

That week was so bloody that I got even more desperate to sell off, and all the rates he kept offering were terrible.

On Friday, I caved in. I sent half of my Crypto wallet balance to him, and he said it’ll take 4-5 working days. 

That’s when I got suspicious for the first time. 

I remember going online, and finding a Crypto discord on Twitter. 

All in one day — I realised I didn’t need to sell at any rate just because the dip was dipping, and I didn’t need to wait that long to get cash either! Na so I find Breet o 😥. 

I’d heard of them in the past from an old friend, but this my rubbish mentor had been telling me to “trust him, he’d handle everything.”

And in the discord group I’d joined, everyone was talking about how it was the fastest way to trade Crypto for Cash in Nigeria.

I reached out to Prince almost immediately. I didn’t want to sell off with him anymore, and I wanted my money back. 

“Abi, it’s too late o. I can’t refund abeg, you’d get your cash in your account soon.”

If you see the fight it caused ehn. Yet, I knew that money had gone 😫. 

The next day, I decided to try Breet. 

I moved the rest of my Crypto into my new Breet account, got a bonus for signing up & in 3 minutes — 3 MINUTES — I got my money in my bank account with the sweetest exchange rate!

Ah! Prince don show me shege. Shey I’d have just calmed down, removed my eye from the dip & done my research first? 

School’s resumed and I’ve made a huge loss from starting something I didn’t even fully understand, but I know to be patient now 🙃. 

And when I’m ready to get back to Crypto, I know who to trust — Breet or nobody! 

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