My Crypto Story: Episode Eight #BreetStories

My best friend would say; “The fear of January is the beginning of wise financial decisions.”

And anyone would agree. Unless you get coconut head, and December was a “we outside” month for you. 

In other words — unless you’re me, you know to be wise financially in January 😬. 

After nearly emptying my bank account by the end of last month, I started January broke and desperate. And you know what desperation does? It completely soaks your brain like Lagos Island flood till you no fit see road again. 

I’m an artist, and sometimes it can take weeks to get a new contract or sell a piece. 

What would I do when my account starts to blink red? 

I started to think from a place of fear. If only I knew I had nothing to worry about, and instead, I only needed to be careful.

I’d already told all my “friends” about my financial problem, and by the second week in January, I got a contract through a referral. 

An art collector in the U.S. wanted a custom painting but needed to know if I was open to collecting payment via crypto 💰. 

My excitement turned to fear again. 

I knew nothing about Crypto and had no interest whatsoever. 

It was even why I wasn’t selling any of my art pieces as NFTs like everyone I knew was telling me to. OpenOcean abi what’s that platform? 

But as a sharp guy, I quickly said yes, and decided I’d figure out my problem later. 

But did I take out time to figure out what I could do? Nope.

Again, coconut head 🙃. 

Instead, I just started asking random people who I knew had talked about Crypto in the past. 

Have sensible friends o. Have friends that sabi. 

Because that’s how someone just mentioned this random Crypto trading platform I’d never heard of before, and instead of me to go do my own research, I just hurriedly signed up, copied my wallet details and sent it to this client who was waiting to pay the 50% deposit for me to begin. 

The money took a few hours to reflect, and I thought that was fine. It was there nau, shey? I commenced with the job 👩🏼‍🎨. 

I finished the project in a week. 

A proper record-breaker for me, but who does money not motivate? 

Would you believe that that’s when I tried for the first time to move the first payment from that wallet to my bank? I finished with the painting at 8:15PM that evening, and I was on the app, trying to trade my crypto for Naira till almost midnight. That’s when it started to sink in that, “wait o, why did I use this app again?” 

For the first time, I went to check reviews on the App and Play Store, checked their social media presence – nothing but complaints up and down. Omo 😥! 

Do I need to even tell you how that ended? 

Let’s just say January is finally coming to an end & I’m still calling their customer care service that picks up once in three days to threaten them with police for my money. I don block the rubbish guy that recommended them. Would you believe he hasn’t even used them before?? 

But good came out of losing my 50% deposit – finding Breet 🤩!

That same night, after seeing I’d entered big problem, I sat down and in minutes, I found Breet. I took my time, turned to a private investigator, doing all the checks I should have done in the first place.  

It took just minutes to be convinced, and I sent my new wallet details to my client for my balance. 

With my Automatic Settlement on, it took just 2 minutes to get my money. 

Yes, I had my stopwatch on. E shock me. 

I sha had to forgive myself for being so foolish at first. 

January has truly been something 🤧. 

Long as hell, made a huge loss, but it also led me to Breet. 

My conclusion? A win is a win, and finding how easy it can be to trade Crypto for Cash with no delay, no mago-mago, and no extra fees pinching at my money? A huge W! 🕺🏽

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