How To Spot New Cryptocurrencies Before They Explode?

So, how do we spot new cryptocurrencies before they bump up? This is a thoughtful question I have asked myself severally. Because I get worked up when I see how many crypto investors still make profits even till today, considering how un-good the crypto market is currently.

Just 2 days ago, a new cryptocurrency I had never heard of, SRM grew by over 40% and today (as of 12th April 2023), SRM grew by +21%. Which means that if I had known about this crypto (SRM) and invested in it, I would have made over 50 percent interest. Well, I feel broken to have missed this shot.

And I know that I am not alone. You are probably reading this article as well to know how to spot new cryptocurrencies before they explode. By “explode”, I mean “increase in value”. Well, as you may have noticed, I am not a crypto enthusiast that knows all, but after my proper research, I believe I have cracked the puzzle. So, I will be sharing with you the hidden secrets of how to spot new cryptocurrencies before they increase in value.


How To Spot New Cryptocurrencies Before They Explode?
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Why It Is Important You Recognize Emerging Cryptocurrencies Before They Increase In Value

I (think) it is important you know how to spot new cryptocurrencies before they explode. As any crypto investor, I believe you would want to be a game changer in your world of investing.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be “Sabinus, the investor”? A slang that signifies a brilliant investor. As we all know, investing in cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and comes with high risks.  But it also comes with high rewards for smart investors. However, if you are able to spot new cryptos before they bump, you will be able to make significant gains and gain substantial returns for your investments.

As you know, when a cryptocurrency first launches, its price is still low. This is when investors can seize an opportunity and procure the currency at a reduced value, marking their entry point in its market beginnings. If the value of the currency rises, the investor may sell it for more money and profit. 

Investors can potentially earn significant returns on their investments by increasing their chances of success, diversifying their portfolios, and assisting creative ventures. So keep a lookout for new cryptocurrencies, do your homework, and choose your investments carefully.

But then, how do you achieve this?


How Can I Predict When New Cryptocurrencies Will Explode (Increase)?

There are several ways you can deploy to spot new cryptocurrencies before they increase in value. Some are:


1. Keep An Eye On Social Media

I may be wrong, but I have this feeling that you snorted when you read “social media”.

One of the most effective methods to identify burgeoning cryptocurrencies is by monitoring social media channels. Specifically, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram provide excellent information outlets for newly introduced coins and tokens that are attracting a growing number of devotees.

Observe content and exchange in relation to fresh undertakings while taking heed of general public excitement levels. Inevitably, it will become apparent that the finest ventures often rely on ardent backing derived from within their respective communities.

Do not also forget that social media plays a big role in influencing the crypto market. Big crypto fathers like Elon could just tweet about Dogecoin and boom, DOGE will increase in value. We have seen this happen before.


2. Do Your Own Research (DYOR), But Properly

See what I did there? It’s not just important you do your own research, it’s also paramount that your findings are proper, detailed, and vivid. In order to make a prudent investment decision when it comes to any prospective cryptocurrency, it is imperative that you engage in proper research.

Paying a visit to the project’s official website, carefully studying its whitepaper, and familiarising yourself with the team responsible for making it all happen are effective ways of ensuring its veracity.

You need to confirm whether or not the project has been planned out meticulously with great attention to detail as well as a gauge if they possess what it takes to maintain long-term growth. Knowledge, naturally, is key; acquiring more data pertaining to projects can position you favourably by empowering you towards investing in smarter choices.


3. Watch Out For What Makes The Crypto Unique (Different)

Another way to spot new cryptocurrencies before they explode is by looking for unique features. What sets apart the project from its contemporaries? Has it tackled a problem that no other project has attempted to resolve? Singular traits can be an important aspect of a project’s viability, especially if they’re fulfilling a previously unaddressed niche in the market.


4. Watch Out For Partnerships

New cryptocurrencies that are likely to explode are genuine cryptocurrencies. You will see such crypto collaborating with highly profiled crypto influencers or bodies. As genuine cryptos will not want to compromise. Also, be precise in knowing who is behind these cryptocurrencies.

Collaboration can be a significant indicator for assessing a project’s likelihood of success. A new cryptocurrency’s ability and standard for growth are supported if it has a partnership with a renowned organisation or endeavour. While paying attention to the profiles of connected businesses or initiatives, it is important to be informed of developments regarding forthcoming collaborations. Having strong collaborations may accelerate progress and expand opportunities in favour of thriving chances for new enterprises.


5. Be Patient!

Finally, it’s crucial to exercise patience while making an investment in fresh cryptocurrencies. As much as it may tantalise to jump aboard the latest sensation, pausing and waiting for the opportune moment is indispensable. The ascent of a new undertaking can be unexpectedly slow, stressing the need for patience while its worth gradually appreciates.  So, if you believe in a project, be patient, and give it time to grow.


My Conclusive Words On How To Spot New Cryptocurrencies Before They Explode?

Cryptocurrency is fun, really. But as fun as it is, we all need to be smart players in the game of investing. As I mentioned in my introduction, there are still crypto traders today who are making substantial returns on their investments even as discouraging the market is currently. So, you may ask yourself, “What are they doing differently?”

It’s really that simple. Some weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to become a better crypto trader. I believe you will find it helpful. I also have another, basic tools you need to up your crypto game.

Remember to stay informed, do your research, and be patient. And who knows? You might just be the next crypto millionaire! So, until next time, happy investing!

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