How To Become a Better Crypto Trader In Nigeria

Do you desire financial independence and crypto trading success? Here are seven essential tips to help you become a better crypto trader.

No other sector of the economy has grown as rapidly as the cryptocurrency sector. Global bitcoin trade increased over the previous five years, going from $3 million daily in 2016 to over $1 billion in 2021. Three hundred times or more in just 5 years. The low barriers to entry for crypto trading are a major factor in this expansion. The financial and regulatory barriers to cryptocurrency trading are much lower than those for regular investments and trade. Anyone with access to the internet can create an account and begin to trade cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency industry is, however, evolving quickly as a result of this rapid expansion. As a result, it’s critical to stay current with the business, including its history and present trends, if you wish to become a better crypto trader.


Overview: Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading began with Bitcoin. A small number of users discovered that they could buy and sell bitcoin online without any rules or limitations. Although several early bitcoin exchanges were created, their trading was risky and unregulated, much like it was in the Old West. But a lot has changed since then, and if you want to win, you must play by the new rules.


7 Ways To Become Better At Crypto Trading

Let’s explore seven methods to improve your skill and become a better crypto trader.

Illustration of a cryptocurrency trader making profit
Illustration of a cryptocurrency trader making profit

1. Keep in Mind That Crypto is Not Fun or a Hobby, But a Business

Real money is on the line when trading cryptocurrencies, and real people, like you and me, are trying to profit from crypto trading.

There are several professional traders with expertise, and many of these folks use advanced instruments. This makes the world of bitcoin trading risky and aggressive.

Instead of treating trading as a pastime, you should approach it as if you were starting a business. You won’t be able to advance if you don’t take it seriously enough and are prepared to put in the time and money to get started.


2. Make a Good and Effective Trading Plan

Avoid starting your cryptocurrency trading immediately. Create a strategy instead to ensure that everything is done to take advantage of opportunities and reduce dangers.

Choose the trade you want to engage in. Any trading method could be used, including day trading, high-frequency trading, long-term investment and holding, automated trading, and more. After deciding, pick a crypto exchange or other trading tool that fits your trading strategy carefully.

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3. Be Aware of Your Trading Capital

In crypto trading, capital is everything. How much should you invest in cryptocurrency?

To increase your profit, you must purchase and trade coins in that amount. Your most valuable items need to be handled with care. Determine the amount of money you are willing to risk. If you are just starting out, it should be a sum you can afford to lose. Additionally, you must be aware of what to do in case initial plans don’t work out.

Always be aware of your capital, including its location and the number of earnings you are now making. You should alter your plan if your returns are meagre or negative.


4. Never Show Greed!

The main motivation for starting a crypto trading career is to make money. However, greed is the primary cause of their financial losses and forced withdrawal. Good traders are not greedy. They are composed, perseverant, and logical. When you’re trading, you could come across possibilities that seem secure. When you win, you could be tempted to place a large wager all at once out of greed. It’s a trade sin par excellence. If you develop a habit of it, you will inevitably lose everything.


5. Enlist the Use of Technology

The market today offers a wide variety of excellent trading instruments. The crucial ones are as follows:

  • trading algorithms
  • crypto news aggregators
  • real-time market data and alerts
  • market charting tools
  • trading portfolio trackers and managers
  • portfolio rebalancing tools
  • automated trading bots
  • trading data analytics tools
  • crypto trading mobile apps (for trading on the go).


Today’s successful crypto traders depend on using these technological instruments. This enables you to stay current with the enormous amounts of data that are produced every day. Not all need to be used. Select the tools that go well with your trading approach and put them to good use. All you need is a method that generates insights somewhat faster or slightly more accurately than the majority of traders.


6. Guard your Trading Funds

Security of financial transactions is crucial in the realm of cryptocurrencies. It is never a good idea to keep everything in one location. Exchanges may fail, legislation may change, or even private keys themselves may be compromised.

Diversifying your methods of storage is the best strategy to safeguard your trading funds. Ascertain the reputation and high-security standards of the exchange you plan to use. Money that is not used for foreign exchange trading should be stored securely both online and offline (cold).


7. Always Strive for Trends in the Crypto Market

As a result of the market’s youth and rapid expansion, cryptocurrencies have produced a large number of millionaires. Those who recognized the larger trends were able to jump on board and profit greatly. Whether it’s the most recent Bitcoin price adjustment or the Ethereum update, if you trade cryptocurrencies, you should be aware of it. Good traders should always learn to recognize and seize trends. Even if the system functions, avoid growing accustomed to it. Probably soon, something needs to be changed.



Being a profitable cryptocurrency trader will be simpler than ever. The technology and tools are prepared, and the opportunities are limitless. There must, however, be winners and losers because that is how trading generally works. You will lose if you are not well prepared. You can definitely succeed if you’re prepared to work hard, approach trading like a company, and abide by the advice in this post.

Cheers to crypto trading!

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