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How To Send Bitcoin From Bitcoin ATM To Breet Address

How can one send Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM to Breet Address or any other crypto wallet address? Well, let’s find out!

My recent articles have revolved around Bitcoin ATMs. Why? Because I believe it is important you know how to use Bitcoin ATMs and also be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin ATMs. But let’s have a rewind!

Just imagine we’re having an interesting party, something that’s so fun for you, and someone starts talking about Bitcoin. Now you’re intrigued, but you’ve actually not used Bitcoins before. But then the person bursts your bubbles by mentioning Bitcoin ATMs.  And you’re like, “Wait! There’s an ATM for Bitcoin?” And immediately, you want to know more.

I want to assume you have read my previous article about Bitcoin ATMs, if you haven’t, you should. So if you have read them, you will probably now have some information about Bitcoin ATMs. But how can you practically send Bitcoin with Bitcoin ATMs?

In this article, I will be giving you step-by-step guides on how to send Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM to Breet address or any other wallet address. Why Breet? Because Breet is the best crypto trading platform to sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and Ghana.

Let’s get started!


How To Transfer Bitcoin From Bitcoin ATM To Breet Address

A step-by-step guide for sending Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM to a Breet address is provided below:


Step 1: Find the Nearest Bitcoin ATM at your Location

I think this speaks for itself. The first step to using a Bitcoin ATM is to find one closer to you. Not to worry though, it is not as tasking as it seems. If you’re in Africa like me, I have written an article on how many Bitcoin ATMs we have in Africa. It also contains precise locations of some Bitcoin ATMs. Generally, you can simply find any Bitcoin ATMs nearest to you by using websites like CoinATMRadar or just doing a quick Google search.

Once you find one, it is important you identify if it’s a two-way machine. Meaning that the Bitcoin ATM can both buy and sell Bitcoin. Some machines can only buy or sell. It’s better to use a Bitcoin ATM that can do both.


Graphic sample of Bitcoin ATM

Step 2: Create a Breet Wallet

Just like every other crypto wallet, you cannot send crypto into a wallet without having one first. To be able to send Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM to Breet wallet, you will need to create a Breet wallet.

Creating a Breet wallet is super easy. You can do that by simply downloading the Breet app on your phone. The Breet app is available on all Android and iPhone devices. Breet also has the web version (dashboard.breet.app) which you can use as well. Just follow the instructions provided to open a Breet account, and voila! You now have a Breet wallet address to receive Bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM or any other sender.


Step 3: You Have to Verify your Identity

When using Bitcoin ATMs, most of the time it requires one to verify identity before you can make any transactions. This is actually necessary due to crypto regulations. Verifying identity is done to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations.

The process is quite straightforward. Just obey the ATM instructions which will be available on your ATM screen. Such as your name, phone number, and address may be required. Sometimes, you will be asked to scan your ID like a passport or driver’s licence. It totally depends on the machine’s policy.


Step 4: Insert Cash Into the ATM

After you have confirmed your identity, you will then be able to transact with the Bitcoin ATM. Now, it’s that time you put the cash into the ATM. For you to send Bitcoin from the Bitcoin ATM, you will need to buy Bitcoin from it. You have to insert the amount of cash equivalent to how much Bitcoin you want to receive. The rate is usually shown on the Bitcoin ATM. I think it’s also important to note that there may be other options provided to fund the machine.

Once you insert your cash, the Bitcoin ATM will read your cash and analyse how much you have put in it. It will then convert your cash to Bitcoin and send it to your Breet wallet. But how?


Step 5: Send Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM to Breet address

Now that the Bitcoin ATM is funded and you have converted your payment to Bitcoin ready to send. You will need to add your Breet address so the ATM can identify and send it there. 

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Breet app and navigate to the “receive” section.
  • Copy your Breet address.
  • On the Bitcoin ATM screen, select the “send Bitcoin” option.
  • Type your Breet address into the “send to” field.
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send.
  • Review the transaction details and confirm the transaction.


But there’s even a much safer and easier way to add your Breet address which is using a QR Code. So, instead of typing your wallet address manually, you could make mistakes and send the BTC to the wrong address, you can simply scan your Breet address QR Code using the Bitcoin ATM scanner.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully sent Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM to your Breet address.


Why Send Bitcoin to Breet Using Bitcoin ATMs?

Honestly, that’s a valid question. It is simply because Breet is the best. Let’s not argue about that. Breet is also error-free. Meaning that when you send Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM to Breet address and the transaction is correctly done on the machine, you will definitely receive your Bitcoin in your Breet wallet. No issues!

Breet is also fee-free. Which means there are no transaction fees. No receiving fees, no withdrawal fees, and absolute zero fees with Breet. You should trade with Breet!

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