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How Did Jeremy Gardner Become a Bitcoin Millionaire in His 20s?

Investors and traders are now used to cryptocurrency success stories and bitcoin. We are constantly amazed by the cryptocurrency boom in finance; this sector has become an intangible version of us human beings. We all know how hard we have worked all our lives to get the job we want or to start a business that makes a name for us. It is not different from cryptocurrency. Bitcoin provides something valuable and has helped the Finance sector to move into a newer version of itself. After a quiet few decades, cryptocurrency is finally gaining the praise it deserves.

Bitcoin is always mentioned when cryptocurrency is discussed. The unmistakable cryptocurrency is always finding great success stories. It is for this reason it has triggered many thoughts among us about how many people have made millions off the digital gold, Bitcoin.

There are many bitcoin success stories. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, along with Ripple, Ethereum, and others. Bitcoin’s potential and value are still untapped by any of its competitors. It has a lot more potential if more people are aware of the most popular cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at a Bitcoin success story that has motivated many. Here’s how Jeremy Gardner become a Bitcoin millionaire:

The Story Of Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner, 21 years old, bought bitcoins from a friend out of curiosity in 2013.

He didn’t know much about crypto at the time. At this time, it was the preferred currency for Silk Road, an underground eBay for illegal drugs and other illicit activities. Because Bitcoin was not regulated and was difficult to trace, shady Silk Road traders liked it.

Because criminals were using bitcoin as a form of illicit act, Jeremy was discouraged. Later, Silk Road was shut down by the FBI in 2013, Bitcoin survived, and Gardner soon began to see its true value.

Gardner converted all his cash and other holdings to Bitcoin and has dedicated his life and career to teaching other people about cryptocurrency. Although he won’t reveal his net worth publicly, it is safe to assume that he has more than mere “millionaire” status. In 2013, Bitcoin was trading at $50 and now hovers at around $19,000.

How Did Jeremy Gardner Become a Bitcoin Millionaire

How Did Jeremy Gardner Become a Bitcoin Millionaire?

After a few years, Bitcoin had gained so much value, and Jeremy made a lot of profit. Gardner was now living in a three-story San Francisco townhome called “The Crypto Castle”. He claimed that many of the tenants who moved in and out of this Castle became millionaires because of cryptocurrency investing. The Crypto Castle is a housing apartment designed to house fellow crypto investors.

Gardner resides in one of the most expensive places on the planet, but his biggest living expense is apparently “alcohol.” This is because Gardner loves to take people out to drink, wax poetic about crypto and pay the tab.

Gardner was employed “fairly full time” by Blockchain Capital Venture Capital, which invests in crypto-based startups. Gardner earned $0 per hour. Later on, he moved to Miami for a lower cost of living.

In 2017, Gardner admitted that there was a possibility of a bubble popping. It could be as high as $60,000, $100,000 or $500,000, so to preserve his wealth, he keeps plenty of cash in reserve. This cash will pay his daily expenses as well as be used to buy more Bitcoin once the bubble bursts.

What Can We Learn From Jeremy Gardner’s Story?

Although investing in cryptocurrency can yield great returns, there are risks and challenges. You shouldn’t be discouraged by negative news or how the value is depreciating; I mean, it’s a big steal to anyone interested in investing right now. You, too, could be the next Jeremy. You just have to do your own research (DYOR) and learn more about how to invest in bitcoin as a beginner and take reasonable actions. Remember, you may have to take unseen chances to make unseen profits!

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