What’s up, Gang? 

Good news – it’s Fri-yay!🕺

Speaking of Fridays: 

This time last week, I was listening to my flatmate talk about a certain chef that she’d followed for years — yes, THE Guinness World Record breaker, Chef Hilda Bassey Effiong! — who had started her cook-a-thon a day before 🧑‍🍳

She said; “See my mates o. I know when Hilda started. I even remember when the current holder of this title won, and then there’s me, always running from challenges.” 🙃

P.S: If you see how Hilda’s win gingered my flatmate ehn!

There’s a point to take from this story & it relates to today’s #cryptostory episode: Do things afraid! 

Today’s story features MJ – who was a broke 26-year-old this time last year. 

Everything changed when he finally decided to trust in his abilities to pull himself out of lack with crypto! 💰

Here’s how it went: 

“My story isn’t even peculiar – when I finally got tired of ‘sapa’ & accepted that nobody was coming to save me, I got serious. I’d been used to using ‘abeg’ to collect handouts/free money from people, but I knew everyone was tired of me. I threw away my shame until I noticed my closest friend was now avoiding me. That was a wake-up call.” 😬

Did things automatically fall into place for MJ? Lol nope. 

“It was hard! What didn’t I try in the first month? It was until one fateful day in March 2022. I received this broadcast message from an acquaintance. Lol I almost blocked him, but I got curious, followed the link & it was an IG Live, where an influencer was talking about crypto trading. It was love at first sight for me – I’d found what I wanted to pursue.” 👌

Wondering what he did next? So did I. 

“I started investing in knowledge. Courses, books, talking to experts. It’s also how I found Breet and when I traded Crypto for Naira for the first time? It amazed me how easy it was. The learning phase was when I learnt that we humans can do incredible stuff if we push ourselves. I learnt everything so fast, and now? I’m enjoying the sweet rewards!” 💸

There you have it, Gang! 

The Hilda Bacis and MJs of this world are proof – you can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t 👏 hold 👏 back 👏. 

Breet is rooting for you! 

Until next time, 

Have a jolly weekend! 🚀

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