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Let’s gist: 

Is it just me who remembers those days when it didn’t matter whether it was a weekday or a weekend, because we were too young to care & adulting wasn’t showing anybody shege? 

Wonderful times 🥺

Sometimes, you can have something really good & not know it. For some people, this is the case with Crypto: they don’t even realise its potential (yet!) & the times we’re living in.

70 years old man! ( in the voice of that popular meme 🌝 )

But today, we’re changing that. 

If you’re a newbie who’s trying to understand what the fuss is about with cryptocurrencies, Breet dey for you. 

Today, I’ve categorised all the greatest things about crypto into 3 C’s!

Ready to learn? Leggo:

1.  Capacity: It’s 2023, and crypto has taught us to stop playing! From its scalability attributes — the ability to handle an increasing amount of transactions — to transaction speed, and how crypto networks like Ethereum have continuously advanced with upgrades (Ethereum 2.0 and layer 2 scaling solutions), we just know that we’re going to be amazed by where crypto technology hits as the years roll by! 🚀

2.  Convenience: Once upon a time, all we knew were paper bills and traditional banking. Now? We’ve seen the light! With crypto, there’s a new & unmatched level of global accessibility with borderless transactions (yay for decentralised network!), 24/7 accessibility, an era of digital wallets that come with convenient control, peer-to-peer transactions, autonomy over one’s own funds & the list goes on! 💪🏽

3.  Compliance: Haters be like, “crypto is for fraudsters & people with shady dealings”. Lol then so is fiat, and we’ve seen that all our lives. Yes, crypto is as decentralised as can be. But make no mistake — regulations are still in place, and that’s constantly increasing. Governments & law agencies around the world have taken several approaches towards this, including legal frameworks, exchange licensing, taxation, securities regulation & more. So yes, there’s a balance. 👌🏽

What’s YOUR favourite thing about crypto?

For me, it’s that because there’s crypto, there’s Breet. And because there’s Breet, more people are discovering just how easy trading can be! 👌🏽

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😌

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