All NFT projects Need A Community, and Here’s Why

We have previously discussed why your NFT project might fail and how to avoid it, and one of the points mentioned was “no community”. In this article, we’ll be discussing why your NFT project needs a community and its importance. 


What is an NFT Community?

This is a group of people who come together to support a particular NFT project or the NFT space in general. It is a community of people who share similar interests and want to aid the success of an NFT project. It comprises the owners of the project, the team behind it, the investors and supporters. 

A community is built by the owner of a project, and it can be started and built on various platforms.

Some popular platforms are; Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc.

You become a member of an NFT community by investing and minting the NFT pieces. These community members do not just have the title for the fun of it; instead, they enjoy unique advantages that the NFT project offers. Note that this differs from projects.

Some popular NFT project communities are:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)
  2. Cryptopunks
  3. Veefriends 
  4. Alien Frens
  5. Deadfellaz

There are many NFT communities, so take your time researching them and finding out more.


Why are Communities Important To The Success Of An NFT?

The most crucial factor of an NFT project community is support. The community gives support and value to the NFT. Remember, people would not want to invest in an NFT if they do not find value in it. Value is the number one key to a successful NFT, and it starts with the community.

An NFT project with no community is less likely to succeed because people look at it like it has nothing to offer them. If you do not have a thriving community, it looks like no one is interested in your NFT, which turns many people off. 

More members of your community, more support, more investors and more activities make more people interested in your project.

The owner(s) of a project, with a community, they get more support and increase in sales of their NFT, but what does a member stand to gain? As I said earlier, NFT projects usually have unique benefits planned, particularly for their community members. For example, if it is a project that has yet to be launched, community members can get exclusive access to the project, free minting and more. 


How Can I Join an NFT Community?

As I said, there are lots of NFT communities out there, but not everyone can join them. One of the features of NFT communities is exclusivity. They are picky with who gets to join, and with people striving to join the community, the more value the NFT has.

You can find most NFT communities on Discord, and here is a list of top NFT communities to join.



A community is a group of people who share similar interests or goals, and communities are not strange to the NFT space. The importance of communities in NFT cannot be overemphasized.

Having a striving community aids the growth of your NFT project and drives a successful project.

When looking for an NFT to invest in and join its community, do not just hop into any random one because of its great promises and proposed member benefits. Watch out for red flags and do your research.


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