5 Silly Cryptocurrencies That Actually Exist

Almost all Crypto enthusiasts are familiar with the popular crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, USDT, etc. But aside from the most famous and most traded cryptocurrencies, there are still thousands out there, and some of them might actually shock you.

In this article, we’ll look at five ridiculous cryptocurrencies that actually exist and you may not know about.


1. Potcoin:


According to Investopedia, PotCoin is a cryptocurrency created to meet a banking need in the legal marijuana industry. PotCoin also enables consumers to buy cannabis products anonymously. PotCoin was conceived as a cryptocurrency that facilitates more efficient, secure, and convenient transactions within the legal cannabis sector.

This cryptocurrency was launched by Joel Yaffe and Nick Iverson in January 2014. They previously went by the online pseudonyms Hasoshi, Mr Jones, and Smokemon 514. 

Cryptocurrency users can use PotCoin to buy marijuana and other related products anonymously and securely. As a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency, PotCoin is originally based on the source code of Litecoin, another digital currency.


2. Garlicoin:


Founded in 2018, Garlicoin is a memecoin, just like Dogecoin. It is a garlic bread-based cryptocurrency, weird. This cryptocurrency was also forked from Litecoin. 

According to Crypto.com, GRLC has a circulating supply of 67.09 M GRLC and a max supply of 69 M GRLC.


3. TrumpCoin:


The Trumpcoin is another memecoin, and this cryptocurrency is based on Donald Trump. It is said that this crypto supports the Trump administration and its conservative followers and Patriots.

TrumpCoin was launched a couple of months prior to the Trump Presidential victory. 

It is currently worth $0.01234 and has a market cap of $81,519. 

Trumpcoin has a fixed mas supply of 18 million TRUMP, and 6.6 million are currently in circulation. 


4. Dentacoin:


I also did a double-take when I came across this. Yes, it is a real cryptocurrency!

Launched in February 2017 by the Dentacoin Foundation, this cryptocurrency was created for the use of Dentists and to improve dental health around the world. 

It was created by Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Phillipp Grenzebach, and Jeremias Grenzebach in the Netherlands.

Dentacoin (DCN) is currently worth $0.000001454 


5. Bongger:



This cryptocurrency is similar to Potcoin as it supports the cannabis industry. 

It can be used to purchase marijuana and related products. According to its website, this cryptocurrency is much more than buying cannabis. 

Its website says, “Bongger will provide support and funding for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and basic scientific research in the cannabis field through The Bongger Foundation.”

Bongger is currently worth $0.002172



There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, and many silly cryptocurrencies that seem like they shouldn’t even exist!

These crypto coins can actually be traded just like Bitcoin and Ethereum and are available on crypto exchange platforms

Will they ever blow up just like Dogecoin? Let’s wait and see. 


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