3 Naija Celebrities Killing It In The Crypto Space #BreetLearn

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If there’s one thing Nigerian celebrities do an excellent job at, it’s to carry our name to the global map and prove to the rest of the world that we’re not behind; and we have to stan! 🤩

Let’s recognize some of our favourite celebrities killing it in the Crypto space, shall we? 

  1. It’s Don Jazzy Again! 😛

The Nigerian music producer is big on NFTs, and the Mavin Record boss has shown off his collection which includes Bored Ape Yacht Club, Afrodriods, Cool Cat, Superkongs and more to his Instagram followers. 

Like a true boss, he’s had a collaboration with leading Nigeria NFT Crypto-artist Osinachi for an NFT Collabo Debut that sold out on Niftygateway! 

Sometime in December 2021, Don Jazzy also revealed that he’d earned a whopping $300k in just 10 minutes from NFT – bruh! 

  1. Tacha – No Leave No Transfer 😛

If you thought women were being left behind in the Crypto world, shine ya eye o (BBN fans would understand 😛).

The Big Brother Season Six contestant Tacha Akide, is one of the most vocal female NFT enthusiasts in Nigeria, and the Crypto community on Twitter especially would agree, as she partners with new NFT projects for promotions and even does whitelist giveaways on a regular! 

Tacha has signed multiple endorsement deals with Tech/Crypto brands across the country and Africa; we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more women in Crypto! 

  1. Papa Imade – Who Dey Breet? 😛

Once upon a time, Papa Imade gave us the slang “e choke”, and it didn’t end there! 

While we still dey breet, Nigerian artist Davido took a dip into the Crypto space after that slang went viral and launched his own social token, $Echoke late last year. With this token, holders are expected to enjoy some exclusive benefits (Team 30BG, show yourselves!) like access to giveaways, NFTs, merchandise and entertainment benefits. 

Davido has also hinted at starting a Bitcoin company in a tweet (fingers crossed 🤞) and has signed endorsement deals with Crypto brands in the past.

Crypto might still have a long way to go over here, but a good number of the biggest names in Nigeria are keeping up with the Crypto space and making an impact, and we know they deserve some accolades; in Daddy Wa’s voice, they’re doing well!

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