2022, what a year it has been for Cryptocurrency.

Although the romance between the world and cryptocurrency wasn’t love at first sight, it has surely blossomed into a fruitful union. Could it be a happily ever after story? Only time will tell. But before we start predicting the future, let us look at some big moments that have happened in the world of crypto this year.


A brief recap of 2021.

Let us begin with a quick glance into one of the best years for cryptocurrency.

Firstly, it wouldn’t feel right not to start with good news, so the first thing you should know is that bitcoin(BTC) surpassed the 1 trillion dollar mark on February 19th, as if that wasn’t big enough, the world of NFTs finally got the mainstream attention it really deserves when an artist known as Beeple sold a piece called “Everydays: the first 5000 days”  as an NFT in march. But it wasn’t all good news as there were a lot of dumps going around, and of course, we can’t talk about crypto in 2021 without talking about Elon musk whose Saturday night live debut on may 8th took newcomer dogecoin to an all-time high of 73cents (if only he stopped there) other iconic moments in 2021 include:

  •   China banning cryptocurrency (AGAIN!)
  •   Over 600 million was stolen in a record Defi hack.
  •   The staples center was renamed Cryto.com arena

Feel free to read up on other iconic moments in 2021.



Cryptocurrency in 2022 didn’t start with the bang many were hoping for, following a dramatic but still amazing 2021. The year 2022 has been a bit of a dump-fest as both Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped significantly, especially for crypto trading in Nigeria. Also looking at the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia (hoping this ends as soon as possible) has had on crypto, from the Ukrainian government receiving financial support to improve its defense urgently, to many Russian citizens investing their savings in crypto to avoid the numerous restrictions and vulnerabilities affecting traditional banking in the country, still wasn’t enough to boost the crypto market.

“Winter is coming” unlike the Lannisters in the HBO series game of thrones, crypto traders would have loved to receive a warning as the “winter crypto clash” has seen cryptocurrency lose over 50% of its total market value that’s over a trillion dollars (if you said blood Jesus here, don’t worry you aren’t the only one that did) the Central African Republic (CAR) became the second country globally, and first African country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender, and still no boost for crypto assets. But just like the lannisters that didn’t back down and run without first putting up a fight let us see what the world of cryptocurrency has install for us.


Crypto-related events that are scheduled for 2022.

As a wise man once said “The future is determined by the actions we take today” (and yes I am the wise man, Lol) we can’t categorically tell you what will happen in crypto this year, but what we can tell you are events that you can look out for to stay ahead of things.

  •   Defi security summit (August, 27th-28th)
  •   Meta week Dubai (September, 12th-13th)
  •   NFT show Europe (September, 17th-18th)
  •   Blockchain Expo 2022 Europe (September, 20th-21st)
  •   Blockchain Expo 2022 North America (October, 5th-6th)


If you would like to add any of your favorite crypto moments or crypto-related events, you can share using the hashtag #cryptoin2022 #Breetapp.

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