About The Breet App.

Imagine feeling excited about the idea of selling your crypto for some cash, But GBAM — you’re getting hit with low exchange rates left and right, ridiculous transaction fees and a long wait-time!

Unpleasant, right? Thankfully, you’d never have to deal with that.

Meet Breet!

With Breet, you have a simple, safe & fast way of converting crypto to your local currency.

Using an automated, fully-secure OTC system, Breet has helped 200,000+ users (individuals and business owners) through a crypto-to-cash process that’s seamless and easy for anyone to use.

At no cost, — you read that right, ZERO transaction fees — you can access wallet addresses for different cryptocurrencies, get payments automatically wired to your bank account and enjoy cashback rewards on every single transaction.

It’s giving awoof!

Did we mention how instant this entire process is?

Set a timer for 5 minutes — it’ll take less than that time before your transaction is completed and your crypto becomes cash!

And like we always say at the office, a transaction on Breet is faster than the time it took you to read this page.